Analysis : The
hotel mention that they did not intend to have a good incorporate into the
design with the weather in Thailand because the hotel is not a new hotel it was
renovated from the old sugar coconut factory by the ole family business. And the hotel needs to maintain the original as much as
possible but usually the structure of the hotel is airy and windy that makes
the hotel cold (figure 2.7, 2.8). In
general, the design of the house and hotel should be appropriate with the
weather in that area. If you want to find a suitable
accommodation for the weather, you have to find the basics of terrain and
weather before building and designing.

Nowadays There are many design of the house
and hotel. Influenced by the architecture of the developed
world. Especially countries from the Western Hemisphere
but due to different weather conditions. However, some
designs may not be suitable for the weather in Thailand. In
Thailand climate is tropical with a mean annual temperature of 82°F and high
humidity.  There are three distinct seasons which is
the hot season from March to May, the cool season from November to February and
the rainy season from about June to October. (STA Travel (n.d.), 2018) For climate in capital Bangkok, is hot all year round. (Climate Thailand (n.d.), 2018)

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Figure 2.8
: 5th floor, Inn A Day Hotel is
surrounding by natural resources that make the interior environment

Figure 2.7
: Inn A Day Hotel is located close to Chao Phraya


So, the design and construction of buildings
should be take some advantage of the weather because the weather in Bangkok is
very hot and sunny, but do not retain heat in the building and should not have
a lot of glass wall because it will retain heat. However,
it should use a lightweight brick type that is heat resistant and the design of
the roof should have a sunscreen. (Suwansut S., 2012) Especially buildings that are
adjacent to the river should be careful about erosion along the riverbank or
sloping land. The trouble is inevitable. Because
the banks of the river banks are very weak. Not easy to
collapse can easily collapse. The solution is to prevent
the river bank erosion by creating a fence. (Laksanasamrith,
2014) From the hotel interviews said they did not intend
about hotel design that should be match with the climate in Thailand or not
because The hotel is currently being renovated from a coconut sugar factory. And he wants to keep the factory as much as possible. Although the weather in Thailand is quite hot, but the hotel
mention that in the building temperature is cool. It
is good for guests to feel relaxed and fresh. Including
the hotel next to the river then the temperature of the hotel is reduced even
not open the air conditioner.

Opinion :    In our opinion, we agree
that hotel is quite cool even though the structure is renovated from the
coconut sugar factory because most of the color inside the hotel used mortar or
raw concrete that make lowers the air temperature. In
addition, the top floor of the hotel also has an area for guests who want to
relax and enjoy the view. The hotel creates an area with
higher ceilings, which makes it more airy because the hotel located are near
Chao Phraya River, which is an advantage because there is a consistent wind. In the area where the balcony will feel the wind from the river.