Chapter analysis. SE the following guidelines: M – ( message)- Authors key message in this chapter E -( Explanation) – explain why you think this is his intention E- (example) – Provide evidence to support your analysis and POP L – ( link)- close your paragraph with a statement that suggests how this chapter is linked too bigger theme in the novel Make sure the paragraph flows coherently from one idea to the next Quotes need to e embedded in a statement not stand on its own Avoid Lime comments Refer to the author by his last name but characters by their first name Proof read/ edit/perfect 150-200 words Chapter ten of Niccole Mantel’s, “I’m Not Scared” captures the theme of courage and loyalty, and this is emphatically exemplified through Missile’s compelling search for friend Fillip.

Amanita demonstrates that a child’s faith and bravery is unconquerable, in his endeavourer to portray the true meaning of courage, friendship, fearlessness and compassion. This can be seen through Missile’s dreaded ride to Through using his fanciful Imagination to preclude his abstract fears and act In the ways of his Idols, Michele was not only able to encourage himself to urge on, but to convince himself that “(he) must be brave”, and that “there’s nothing to be scared of”. Through the gripping actions and emotions of Michele In the final chapter of this enthralling novel, Mammalian accentuates the themes of courage, bravery and growing up In a poignant and powerful manner.

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