Who were slaves? Slaves and slavery was Introduced In A lot of people In Egypt were slaves, they were most commonly prisoner of war or foreigners captured In the war or sold by merchants. It appears that domestic slaves were treated well and need for the owners. 17. What was a scribe? What training did they have and what punishments did they face for not completing dunes? What were their duties? Scribes were people In the time period of ancient Egypt who learnt how to read and write, most of them were men. To become a scribe you had to attend a special school, you would learn how to read and rite hieroglyphic and hieratic scripts. 8. Why did the ancient Egyptians develop Geometry? What did they use it for? They developed geometry as a way to measure land boundaries. They also discovered how to find areas of triangle, squares and circles and 3 dimensional figures. 19. Why did they use Mathematics? What practical purpose did it have? Mathematics was applied to solve practical problems such as estimating the number of bricks needed for building or ratios of height to circumference for pyramid buildings. 20. How did the ancient Egyptians make paper? What was the process and what materials did they use?

Ancient Egyptians made paper from papyrus, which grew in the marshes of the Delta. It was high quality paper. They would lay out a thin section of the stalk horizontally and vertically, beat them for hours then pressed them into the sun dried sheets. The materials they would use it cover cloth, polishing stone, flat stone and pounding mallet. 21 . In old kingdom what power did King have? What things did he control? Was he considered a god? Why or Not? In old kingdom the kings power was absolute. He was the owner of all land, minister of all policy development.

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He collected taxes, inspected Irrigation yester and commanded all armed forces. He was considered a god embodied on earth. 22. What was “Meat”? Meat was the ancient Egyptians concept of truth, balance, order, law morality and lustful. Matt was a goddess who looked after the stars, seasons and the actions of both mortals. 23. What did a new King have done before his “crowning” or coronation? A coronation of each new king was A moment of new monarchs right to rule,Before a new king could become a living god he had to select a queen and a royal wedding preceded each coronation. 24. What Is a Eviler and was this an Important position?

The vizier was a special advisor to the pharaoh, he made sure that the local governors were long tenet Sods well Ana Tanat tongs were running smoothly In ten country. Every day the vizier would give the pharaoh a report on everything happening. 25. What is a “Kip-paper”? What is his duty? Keeper was a high priest and elector in a Emptied temple. Held responsible and had great power, who could access vast revenues both from the temple estates and from great worship. 26. Who was the “Jackal-god”? Anabas was the ‘Jackal god”. He was associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egypt religion.