Chopin symbolizes a negative outlook of marriage by presenting the reader with a woman who is clearly overjoyed that her husband has died. A good thesis statement for The Story of an Hour would be that the story unveils the inner psychological strains of women who were restrained and misunderstood by agonizing social outlooks upon marriage…. In life we might take news different than other people, and some might take a news lightly, and others might take It more personal. Whenever people receive news they weren’t expecting to ear, our human minds are relaxed and calm.

Most likely stress Is not Involved before the news. I’m not saying life Is not stressful but what I am saying Is before we receive calming or terrible news. Tension Is not Involved In our mind. This novel starts off with a sad tone. It explains how the mall character Is afflicted with a heart trouble. In this passage, Louise is well supported by her family. Many times people with heart problems cannot receive any sad, shocking news at any time. The new would have to be told in broken sentences. The narrator explains how the character anteed her grief when the shocking news was told.

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In a moment like this, a person will need comfort and a shoulder to lean on right after receiving any terrible news. The human body goes into a physical and mental stress where frustration and pressure will arise. In the time of the setting, it’s a windy, cloudy shy where the leaves from the branches are falling. Whenever you incorporate news with the climate that is going on, depending on the climate outside it can make a major impact on the vibe of a person that can go from normal to sadness. Another thing that is taking place in the story is fear. There are dynamic changes that are occurring.

Irony also takes part in this passage. The character is at an elusive stage; this is when the story shows that the tone of the character is confused. Certain words are indicative of this inner-world of detail and life; there are also several instances of certain phrases or images to convey the character happiness. 1 . “Free! Body and soul free! ” she kept whispering. (Chopin, 2013) “The Story of an Hour” Here the protagonist of “The Story of an Hour,” Louise Mallard, has come to the realization that the death of her husband Is not only a tragic occurrence, but also a inefficient cutting of her previously binding marital ties.

The crisis of her grief has given her new insight on her life, and Mrs.. Mallard understands that her marriage has (at least by nature of Its being a human relationship) limited her Independence and freedom. Like many of Chopping characters, the Issue of female autonomy and desire comes to the forefront In this story, and the overwhelming feeling of happiness overcoming Louise Mallard suggests that her life under the patriarchy of contemporary society has stifled her, although she was not previously aware of the act.

The Idea that both her body and soul are free Indicates that marriage Is both a legal, corporal binding and an emotional one. 2. When the doctors came they salad she had died of heart disease?of the joy that kills. “The Story of an Hour” I en last sentence In ” I en story AT an Hour” pilots to ten Irony AT Louise Mallard’s death. She has died not from grief but from the sudden shock of having her Joy of emancipation abruptly disappear upon the entrance of her husband Brittle, who has not died in a train accident after all.

The doctors’ assessment of the reason for re death is therefore unintentionally correct, although their diagnosis is intended to indicate that Louise dies from her happiness at Presently safe return. In addition, although Mrs.. Mallard’s heart condition is mentioned initially at the beginning of the story, the intervening paragraphs suggest that when under the influence of her apparent independence, Louise Mallard is capable of feeling healthy. In the end, Louise Mallard dies from the shocking gap between her perceived situation and reality, which perhaps mirrors the discrepancy between her mental and physical health.