I want to argue for the prevention of animal cruelty because it is inhumane. Many reasons are given for the various cases of animal abuse, but no reason is understandable if it’s to do with inflicting pain on other living creatures. Animals, like humans, feel pain. One large factor of the unnecessary deaths of creatures is animal experimentation. Did you know that the shampoo you use was probably forced down the throat of a rabbit, cat, or maybe even a dog? Each year, millions of animals are used to test how safe and effective products, such as cosmetics, are.

Seventy million animals are killed annually in U. S. laboratories. Animal experimenters attempt to recreate human diseases on healthy animals through deliberate and violent methods. Substances are injected into the animal, chemicals are force-fed, irritants are rubbed into the eyes and skin, and even testing of animal fetuses is involved. 50% of the animals die after 2-3 weeks of this testing, and the rest are left to suffer. This is not pragmatic because replacement techniques such as computer models are available.

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Three animals are dying in labs every second of every day, by the time I have finished this speech, over 600 animals will have died in these labs. The forcing of an animal to give up their fur for the pleasure of wear, resembles drug dealers who strip young children’s innocent minds of the rights and wrongs that they were taught by their parents. Furries, like these drug dealers forcefully take what does not belong to them to fulfill their desires. Three and a half billion animals are killed for their furs every year.

Fur animals are raised in ranches, cramped in filthy cage. To kill the animals without damaging their fur, fur trappers may poison, electrocute, or snap their necks off. These methods aren’t a hundred percent effective, and some animals gain consciousness while being skinned. A fur coats elegance would be lost if people were aware of all the gory details. Another way animals are murdered is through hunting. Only a small percentage of hunting is necessary for consumption.

Billions of animals are killed for sport. Killing for entertainment is abnormal. To hold a gun in your hand and shoot a creature with a beating heart for no reason is pointless. In court people would laugh if the killer said he shot a man because he felt like it. Why make and exception for animals? Animal cruelty should be less common because it can be prevented. Before complimenting a fur coat or the progress of U. S. laboratories, think of the other side. Innocent animals are dying just for your pleasure.