Australia has the largest area of Antarctic territory. (b) The advantage Australia has over many other nations when administering Its territory are, Australia is that they are entitled to decide who can do what, where and when within the extent of Its territory, and any foreign nations operating on Australian lands are to abide by the term and regulations. (c) Argentina’s, Chili’s, and united Kingdom’s claims are all in the same area and are about the same size. Key – Silver Gag Au – Gold Co- Cobalt Cue – copper Cry – Chromium Fee- Iron Mob – Molybdenum

Mn – Manganese IN – Nickel BP – Lead It – Titanium u – uranium Zen – Zinc (d)The ban on mineral exploitation states that mining in Antarctica is illegal for the next 30 years. This is because they want to keep Antarctica in its most pure and most natural form. (e) Countries that have more than one base In Antarctica are Australia, Argentina, Japan, United Kingdom, Chill, USA, Russia and Germany. (f) Where there are known mineral sources there are more stations there. 2. Countries which have stations near or on Ice shelves Include Australia, Russia, India, Germany, South Africa,

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Argentina, New Zealand and LISA. 3. Ice Shelves of Antarctica include: Ross Sea Ice Shelf = smirks Ronnie Ice Shelf=skims Larsen Ice Shelf=skims Fumble Ice Shelf Emery Ice Shelf West ice Shelf Skeleton Ice Shelf Moscow University Ice Shelf Evoked Ice Shelf Venerable Ice Shelf Get Ice Shelf Part 2 Stetsons Second Overlay 4. Antarctica has a large amount of aquatic life because of its fresh and clean water and because of its large amount of krill which serves as a good source of food for animals there. 5.

Animals survive in Antarctica harsh climate with the use of fur and blubber these attributes keep the animals warm. Fish have been known to have antifreeze proteins in their bloodstreams which prevent them from freezing unlike tropical fish if they lived in Antarctica. 6. The leopard seal is near the top of the Antarctic food chain. It survives the harsh climates with its think coat. It is a carnivore and hunts penguins. In the summer it lives in Antarctic but in the winter it migrates north and has even been spotted on the coasts of Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. This is an Antarctic food web. 8. There are so many crab eater seals because the humpback whale which is their natural predator, were almost hunted to extinction and since there aren’t many humpback whales because they are still recovering, there are more crab eater seals 9. If krill were to become extinct, many animals would die out and become extinct because many animals rely on it as a main food source e. G. Whales, penguins etc. If they died out, other animals would die out and this would cause a chain reaction and maybe even affecting humans.