These ten steps in recoving should allow the person who suffers from Panic Disorder to feel as if they have more tools to help them to recover. If followed, along with medication and therapy treatment, the person who had once felt terrorized and withdrawn can live a long productive life without the complications that are caused by Panic Disorder. (Ross, P. 1) We are taught at http://www. webmd.

com/anxiety-panic/guide/anxiety-panic-guide-living-managing, that Panic Disorder is a real medical condition where symptoms are really felt by the patient who suffers but we are quite aware that treatment is highly available and through many various means of consistent treatment, Panic Disorder can be cured. Web MD suggests that “through treatment, you gain more control over an anxiety disorder. By developing good coping skills, you have a better chance of preventing future anxiety attacks. ” (Web MD. P. 1)

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By talking about Panic Disorder and realizing that you aren’t alone in suffering, the first step to recovery is underway. By identifying the problem and realizing that help is needed, the person who suffers can feel that there is hope in reaching a full recovery. After this first step is taken, talking to a physician who is trained in dealing with Panic Disorder should prove beneficial. The physician can recommend a good therapist who can offer mental help, and the physician can as well, allow the patient to take medication that can have a great impact on dealing with this disorder.

If the first medication doesn’t help, he can write other prescriptions that may help tremendously in the recovering proces. By utilizing both the medication and the mental help, the patient who has identified that they suffer from Panic or Anxiety Disorder, is on their way to a successful recovery. For those who do suffer, they should never feel that they are all alone. There are so many others who suffer from Panic Disorder and are very often willing to discuss their condition, realizing how devastating the illness can be.

By talking to others, many emotions are realeased and the person feel that they have a friend who can identify with their own problem. With the combination of support from family and friends, a trusted physican and the awareness that treatment and a cure is highly available, the person who suffers can be cured from Panic Disorder and move through life with more ease and be happy knowing that fear and anxiety is no longer controlling their daily lives. Panic Disorder should not be ignored.

It is a very real illness that can be treated, where a full recovery can be achieved. Reference Page Barlow, David H. , Craske, Michelle G. , 2006. Mastery of Your Anxiety and Panic: Workbook. Oxford University Press, USA. Edition 4. P. 1. Ross, Jerilyn. M. A. , L. I. C. S. W. , 1981. The Ross Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, Inc. , Washington, DC. Adapted from Mathews et al. http://www. webmd. com/anxiety-panic/guide/anxiety-panic-guide-living-managing. 2009 Anxiety and Panic Disorder Guide. Web MD. Better Information, Better Health. P. 1.