Anyone who runs an online business will understand the importance of online marketing. It’s essential that all businesses have a website because if they don’t then they are already missing out. The websites need to be promoted effectively in order to survive, but how can this be done?There are a number of different strategies which can be used to promote your website and get the word out there. The exact tactics that you choose will mainly depend on the type of site you have, and the products you sell.FocusIt’s important that all of your marketing efforts are focused and targeted at your desired audience. It’s all very well and good creating a marketing campaign which appeals to everyone however not all of these people will want to know about your business.By targeting your advertising campaign it’s possible to make your money work much harder. This will mean that you are sure that your ads are working as hard as they possibly cam for you.ToolsThere are lots of different tools for online marketing. The tools which you decide to use will depend on the products that you normally sell. One of the most common types of marketing is online marketing services. If you want to make your business successful then it’s important to use online marketing to your advantage.Even so, there are a number of different types of internet marketing. You may decide to use PPC adverts to promote your site. Another alternative is using SEO techniques.SEO is often seen as the cheap option. Although this isn’t strictly true. SEO cannot work overnight. For SEO to stand any chance of working you need to invest large amounts of time. If you concentrate on using these marketing strategies then you will notice great results.ContentContent is very important for the success of your website however it is possible to make it work much harder than it does at the moment. You could write an article and then you could turn the contents of this article into a podcast, and then again into a video.You will find it really easy to convert this content into different forms because you don’t need to worry about doing extra research. You will still create interesting content which will appeal to your visitors.Social NetworkingSocial networking sites are all the rage these days and make promoting your site really easy. These social networking sites include Facebook, Digg and Redditt. You can post information on these sites and include links back to your site. This will improve your page rank and encourage people to visit your site.ArticlesOne more area that you might like to consider is writing articles. There are loads of different things that you can write about. Writing articles is great because you can use it to include links back to your site.You can write articles yourself. Simply writing a couple of articles per day will help you to get more back links to your website. Online marketing services are a useful way of promoting your site and attracting more visitors.