In modern day media, you see many abstract adaptations of Mary Shells Frankincense. From a cartoon monster to Halloween costumes, the fictional Frankincense monster has become well known and very much liked. However, in Mary Shell’s novel, the monster is not quite so lucky. He faces abandonment, loneliness, alienation, and harassment; all while mentally maturing from a virtually infant state of mind. Not unlike the story of Frankincense, John Steinbeck Of Mice ; Men also tells he tale of two men and their relationship with one another.

Very much not unlike the Frankincense monster, Ellen is a powerful man, larger than most. He travels with his close friend George who looks out for Ellen due to his mental disability giving him a child-like personality. His relationship with George Is a close, brother-like companionship. Something you could Imagine the Frankincense monster would dream of having. At first glance, one would never think these two novels would be remotely comparable, or share very many similarities. However, when comparing Mary Shell’s

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Frankincense and John Steinbeck Of Mice and Men, one can easily see character similarities between the Frankincense monster, and Ellen through, their appearance, they’re destructive qualities, and their relationships with others. One of the first similarities to Jump out at the reader between the two characters of the Frankincense monster, and Ellen Is their appearance. Notably, their appearance, and how society reacts to the way they look. Their most recognizable trait over all Is their size. Both the Frankincense monster and Ellen possess an unnaturally large stature, causing them to tower over most other people.