I have had many opportunities to share the gospel this semester, but sadly only taken up one. This one chance that I took full Annihilative to do, was for my younger sister, Mila. My little sister Is the product of a drug mother, as am l. She Is almost seventeen years old and Is struggling with self esteem and not understanding that she Is so much more than a drug baby. When I shared the gospel with her, It was not actually planned. I was praying fore my meal, and noticed her eyes were open and she had already eaten a lot.

I asked her, “You didn’t want to pray with us? ‘, her response was, “No, I believe there is a higher authority, just not necessarily God”. Immediately, I was quick to respond with , “No, sweetheart, the higher authority is in fact God”. I told her how we were all sinners, and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and that one day we will live in eternal life with him again. She was not having it, and stayed in complete belief, that there wasn’t enough proof of this “God”. She is a straight A student athlete at a Hellenizing charter high school, and is smart young girl.

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The conversation I had with her broke my heart, but at the same time kind of made me realize, that there are many unsaved, and one day I might be able to reach out to just one of them. This conversation was different from my semester conversation because now my little sister is asking me about the gospel, where as my mom is still stuck in her only belief that good works will get you to heaven. I learned so much through doing this experience, and I can only hope to keep going out and sharing this summer as I lead a middle school bible study at church.