Arab significantly contributes to the main character’s eventual self-discovery. The author uses tone in the beginning of the story to show the intensity of the main character’s feelings for a girl. The author uses phrases such as “we watched her”, “her dress swung as she moved her body, and “her hair tossed from side to side”(646). These phrases show the main character’s immense obsession with the one thing in the neighborhood that seemed unmarred by the dirtiness and decrepit state of his society.

Then the author further intensifies the main character’s feelings with the passage, “l pressed the palms of my hands together until they trembled, murmuring: ‘O love! O love! ‘ many times,” (647). This passage shows how the main character’s feelings continue to become more passionate. Then the author reaches an emotional climax when the main character has his first conversation with the girl. The author changes the tone as the main character travels to the bazaar, Arab. The author uses new words to express a new, more solemn tone, such as “glaring”, “ruinous”, “weary’, and “silence”.

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This tone change helps the main character realize the foolishness of his errand and understand the whimsicality of how he has been acting. Tone In “Arab’ helps accomplish the main character’s epiphany. James Joyce also uses narration as a literary tool to lead the reader to the main character’s eventual self-discovery. The use of a first-person narrator helps the reader greatly to understand the main character’s feelings and experiences. This type of narration makes the connection between the main character and the reader much easier to accomplish.

The first- person point of view also helps to create a single, perhaps biased outlook on the events taking place. In the beginning of the story the reader Is better able to understand the main character’s feelings for the girl. These connections help deepen the feelings that the reader feels for the mall character when his epiphany occurs. The connections presented through the first-person narrative point of view help the reader to understand what the mall character Is going through and the shock his self-discovery Inflicts upon him.