Architecture captivates me both as an art and?a?subject.
Having the desire to understand and explore how scientific technology can be
utilised to enhance the performance of building structures in their social and
environmental conditions, the field of architecture immensely brings out the
divisions of my identity.?This allows me to engage well creatively with the use
of artistic and practical dimensions of design. I?have?invoked my inner feeling
on design and planning as a result of growing up in Nairobi. Having experienced
injustice in the city in relation to housing, prompts me to help organisations
to deliver and manage urban change within construction, towns and cities to
meet planning demands of ever-evolving planet.?

Having read Complexity and Contradictions in Architecture,
my views have changed on how I perceive Architecture from a historical point of
view. I learned and got an insight into the practical philosophy of
architecture and design from an expert’s perspective. The book critiqued the
works of modern designers which the author says lacks a connection with the
real world the ‘environment’ the structured are build. As par Venturi, a
structure is bound to connect with its surrounding to appeal and be attractive.
Just like Venturi, I aspire to see a link between science and environment in
design and planning in the building sector and at university, I hope to gain a
better understanding of the historical context and development within
Architecture and urban planning, but also exploring how modern technology can
affect building structures.

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Moreover, attending a lecture at RIBA, on
the?Mathematization of Daylighting; A history of British architects use of
daylight factor, the scientific and mathematic principles discussed by the
architects fascinated me greatly. The lecture made me understand why this tool
is largely avoided due to its complexity in the design, yet is still considered
to ensure that daylighting conditions are provided within the rooms, without
undertaking the calculations. I also attended an Abstract Architectural Mash
Up?workshop at RIBA exploring various historical advances in façades. I was
given a small project in which I was required to create my own façades based on
the images that I captured in that location. What I found most challenging with
creating façades was ensuring consistency in the pattern, whilst ensuring to
create an optical of a three-dimensional fronting to a building. Nevertheless, I
learned that façades continue to exist in this modern day as we continue to see
these in apartment buildings as well as offices. In this workshop, I learned to
put concepts into practice which I hope to increase more at university.

Upon attending Uni-link summer showcase at UCL?on Architecture,
I was able to gain an insight into how street art can have an impact on the
current building as well as its stakeholders within the community. To be more
specific the forum touched on all aspects of urban art about building and
planning. This has summer school has allowed me to be more open in the
discussion and has helped me develop verbal skills like critiquing and being

On the other hand, I enjoy playing badminton and swimming in
my spare time whilst balancing a full-time employment at Magic Memories. Employment
has increased my confidence and communication skills as well as the ability to
work under pressure. Moreover, I worked at a tuition centre, tutoring GCSE
students has helped me improve my interpersonal skills.

The aspect of the course to which I am most looking forward
to studying is the history and theory in design. I believe that the knowledge I
have acquired thus far and yet to come will allow me to achieve my full
potential in the fields of construction and spatial design. Through exploring
the dynamics of architecture and design further and gaining knowledge, I think
I would be well equipped to taking part in learning of the subject extensively
at university. ?