Thesis and Method (75 Words) In this paper I am going to be studying the use of Photography and showing how to use it in order to make the world a better place to live, a place where it would be easy to be. I will be describing my methods and ideas on the actions that will contribute to my perception on how to make the world where we live a better place, describing how my medium can help humanity. II. The world would be a better place to live for everyone, If people could learn to coexist with one another.

People almost always clash with their egos; trying to be superior impairs their Judgment, and their rationality is replaced with abusing their emotional responses to gain confidence and a sense of security and self-worth. If people could learn that a person Its nothing more than Just a person, that most of us share the same dreams, and by living In a world where no prejudice or vengeance is used to mistreat a creature, the world would be a better place to live. The world could be a place where no war exists because of the differences on culture or interest of personal gain.

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If people could exist side by side there would be peace and the entire population could work together for a common goal to achieve greatness. (148 Words) Ill. I will be making use of photography to make the world where I live a better place. I will be portraying my photographs on accessible places for people to see. One single photograph its worth more than a thousand words. To me, one of the most powerful things about photography has always been Its ability to Inspire empathy between a subject and viewer and to let us glimpse a part of ourselves in others. 74 Words) IV. Since its earliest days, photographs have been a powerful catalyst for social change. No other art form will allow me to freeze In time the most poignant moments of the human experience, to show and affect other, and no other art form so powerfully shares the lives of its subjects, even for a brief moment. It is because of this power that photography can be used to inspire an entire population to strive for social change for the better. Through the use of photographs I could bring about real and meaningful Improvements In the lives of others. N both local and global levels. One of the many things that will allow me to help and make this world a better place would be to show people that humans can live together as a group without hatred or discrimination. I would arrange a series of photographs to display. The images to be displayed would show what humans have done when we cannot get along. The disastrous events that have happened through the course of history and the terrible consequences of the brutality committed Just because differences in thoughts.

Photographs would show events such as the Holocaust committed against Jews, the ailing of Mayans In Central America, and the Oppression of entire communities in the Middle East. The Intention of this photographs would be to evoke the feeling of regret on people, and would inspire people to work together in order to make sure to 1 OFF stop atrocities taking place In present times, Ana to Aviva ten same events to repeat in the near future. The purpose of these pictures would be to educate people about living in a word where we only need tolerance and respect to live peacefully.

There would be a second showing of pictures, these ones being different from the first series. The second array of photographs would show people living together as a whole, striving for a better future. It would show that we as humans can co exist together without the necessity of killing each other in the intent for a better world to live. The photographs would be shown first at a gallery, where people interested in the subject can take the time to appreciate the works. Then the photographs would be portrayed in billboards through the cities.

Empty walls and road signs would be places to show the pictures to people. In an everyday basis the photographs would serve as a reminder for people. A reminder of what have happened before, and a reminder of what would be the ideal world to live in. The photographs would strive to motivate people to work together as a whole in a world where tolerance and respect are used in order to exist side by side. My general audience would be the normal citizen, the everyday person; the photographs would be portrayed in every possible city, in any accessible area.

The message would be simple and easy to understand, it would show people what has happened before, and what would be the ideal place to live, the ideal goal to work for. With the photographs, I would try to show a person how great is to live in a world where respect and tolerance are a basis on society. The mere purpose of my photographs would be to bring about a positive change for humanity. The photographs would reveal the ugliness of war and intolerance to people; it will try to capture the beauty in living together learning from one another.

Hearing about an issue can shock people, but actually showing the issue and points on how we can solve the problems can really make a difference. People would begin to look at a situation as a more serious event. One single photograph can change the world, our lives and our opinion on things. Photography is not Just a picture on a piece of paper, it an be used in movies, television and in the newspaper. Living in a post modern society where we are bombarded with images, it is easy to think we have become so desensitizing to visuals that nothing can move us unto action.

My photographs would intent to show the real situation of the people suffering injustice in the world. My camera would a my tool for expression in my intent to expose the realities of the less fortunate people that are suffering and being mistreated because f having a different belief or not a similar thought than others. My photographs would inspire to change the world. Photos might not be like bombs in their ability to change the worlds dramatically and immediately, but some images have profound, if subtle and more slow effects.

The use of graphic photographs would not be the same as sensationalism. The photographs portrayed would deserve attention, sometimes it would have to be by looking at death, hunger, disease or other misery, but there will be photographs showing an outcome to those atrocities, photographs that will inspire population to work together as a group and to put an end to the miseries in the world. It is possible to put an end too form of human behavior, which has existed throughout history by means of photography.

There is an abundance of beauty and good in the world, but it still has plenty of problems. The world could be made better. My photographs would inspire people to take smaller projects that would contribute to make ten world a netter place to level. My pantographs would recognize ten person as a unique individual, but will empower the idea of working together as one immunity to live and grow in a place where we can all enjoy life. I will motivate communities to accept each other’s thoughts and I will intent to replicate the same with the entire population.

Generation after generation humanity could live together enjoying one another company, helping each other in the quest of conquering the ability to respect and tolerate the opinion of others. The most powerful weapon in the world has been, and can be a photograph. Military weapons can only destroy. Cameras, in the hands of photographers with hearts can capture Love, Hope, Passion, Change lives and make the world a better place, and it only takes 1/50th of a second.

One single photograph could have a huge impact in the lives of many. Photography can help us to understand people, by showing us the different aspect and ideas that a single person can show. V. In conclusion, Through the use of photographs, I would be trying to expose the reality in the world where be live. How intolerance can have an effect in the life of people, and the things that we can do to create a better community in the future, a place where we can all live together without any prejudice or intolerance. (60 Words)