As we all know that in Pakistan, the utmost aspect (that is health) is
also the most ignored one. In the 70 years of Pakistan’s history, succeeding
governments have not made health a main concern. It is miserable that political
parties do not talk on health issue as it’s the main role of any country’s success.
Nowadays Government
is spending its inadequate funds in the development, improvement or we can say
in the enlargement of medical colleges and universities rather than spending in
improving the quality of health by training medical professional, by presenting
public health schools and skilled workers in health institutions. The effect of government carelessness on people health care
in Punjab can be seen from latest events .In Punjab numerous people have lost
their lives after consuming injurious cough syrup and life threatening medicines.
Unfortunately there is poor health care status of women in Punjab which is a key
reason of the problem of maternal mortality. Women in massive majority in the
region undergo from anemia and undernourishment which is quite treacherous
during pregnancy. In this situation of common negligence for health in Punjab, the
mental health denotes an area of even bigger abandonment. On the other
hand the consequences of poor public health system can be seen from large
increasing cases of diarrhea particularly in children.

a nation and society to function efficiently, some main services must be
provided to its citizens and access to health care is one of the main
basic need that should be given to all the citizen equally. Health care
facilities are even more miserable in Punjab and unfortunately this department
also proved to be a failure of Government. The province consist of an area of
205,344km2 and have population around 110 million which includes 60% of Pakistan
in it. The facetious performance
of Punjab Government makes the life of poor citizens wretched and for some last
years there is constant discontent in health sector of Punjab which leads to
many lives to danger. One out of
five children in the 4 deprived districts of Punjab die from health problems
before their 5th birthday.
That are some of the numbers that shows
how bad the situation is in health care sector of Punjab. The other main issue is
the absence of doctors. A research shows that nearly 70 % doctors are absent
during normal working day. And some say that there is a link between politics
and in attendance of doctors .The researchers analyze the data through mobile
base monitoring system with the data through voting in 2008 elections of
provincial essembly and the researchers reckon that politicians play a vital
role in the irregular attendance of the doctors. Through that research they
found that political scenario effect the doctor attendance , Doctors were 23 %
more expected to be absent in electorates where as one political party attained
a solid victory. Where rivalry between parties was greater, mobile-based examinations
show improved attendance by an average 11 %.

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One of the main of slowing
down the development in this sector is the high rate of growing population and
it is critically effecting service delivery and spreading local disproportions.
Especially in Punjab the cost of healthcare in accumulation to cultural and
social obstructions is a main obstacle avoiding access to effective health
services. Punjab also faces equity alarms in terms of access to health effects
and services, much worse in the southern districts.