Does it have political aims or effects, offering subordinate social groups a mode of resistance against dominant groups? In a postmodern world, is a distinction between high and popular culture still viable? Want Is popular culture? Popular culture is constantly changing, and differs ideal in place and time – hence Ashman’s interest in the possibility of its circulating beyond sites of origin and changing. What kinds of influences might it have on social values and institutions? Popular culture does not simply flow from the West to Asia, but also involves what is referred to as trans-Asia cultural traffic’ (transnational cultural flows that occur within different parts of Asia, and increasing flow from Asia to the West. Is it globalizes at various stages of flow? Otherness The Other and “Otherness” refers to that which is alien and divergent from that which is given, such as norm, identity, or the self. The Other often denotes a different, incomprehensible self outside of one’s own; because the Other is a mystification fetishists by a hegemonic subject.

Global and Local Globalization and localization are concurrent phenomena as twin forces representing two opposing perspectives on the world, and as a result, different cultures meet and clash because globalization brings diverse populations together in every aspect of communication and life. (Wifely Sun) Globalization Local accessibility to outside influences centers on the re-creation of intellectual relations, and a dialogue teen what is ‘universal’ and what is ‘particular’ can revivalist both local and global culture.

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What advantages and disadvantages are there in making films which combine local Asian themes and Hollywood-style production values? Compare films from TWO countries in your answer. 2. Hollywood adapts and remakes Asian films as part of its insatiable search for new stories, or for new ways of telling hallmarking stories. But adaptation is also driven by perceptions of the otherness of Asian cultures from Western perspectives and a presumed preference of audiences for localized remakes rather than originals. In an analysis of a pair of films – a source and its remake – monster what constitutes the core cultural differences between the two.

Essay topics cont’d 3. Circulation of popular culture takes another form in film as International co-production, where the production companies involved are from two (or more) different countries. International co-productions are an detective means AT expanding ten overseas market, out Want toner advantages ay they have? In an examination of two films, explore the cultural implications of copulation, with particular attention to disparate cultural ideologies. 4. Cultural similarity and distance are favorably but differently perceived by audiences in East Asia in their consumption of media texts from neighboring countries.

A further step – particularly evident in TV Drama series – is to produce a local remake of such media texts. A remake can be a simple transposition from one setting to another, or it can become an original creative work. Explore the possibility for creative adaptation in selected scenes from a drama series that originated in one country and has been remade in another (or in some cases two or three others). [Please ensure that your chosen examples are available with English subtitles, and give full details of your sources. ]