You are appointed as an Accounting Technician for a new business Campbell Kitchens which specializes in selling Kitchen equipment and Kitchen furniture. The owner of the business Is Kitty Campbell and she operates as a Sole trader. She has number of tasks lined up for you which needs to be completed In order to facilitate her to submit her annual returns to HUMOR. Task A: Kitty Campbell wants to identify the various business documents which she needs to prepare to be able to run her business efficiently. She is also considering moving her business accounts from manual to computerized system

Please write a report using 500 – 600 words identifying various business documents which a business will need to prepare and explain their purpose (Pl) Please write a report using 500 words to compare the benefits of using manual and computerized accounting systems to record business transactions (MI ) Please write a report slung words to explain ten Detentes AT slung a computers accounting system (UP) Please write a report using 500 words to analyses the circumstances under which a business would adopt a computerized accounting system instead of a manual one (Del) This provides evidence for: Pl and Del

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Task a: Kitty Campbell has provided you with various documents which she has generated for the first month of her business in the current year for May 2014. Please enter these documents into a computerized accounting software and generate the following reports: (UP) Customer Activity report at the end of May