The objective of this assignment is to further introduce us to the some of the themes of the course and to start collecting basic information. Please be sure to take your time with the answers and support your conclusions. To receive full credit, please cite your sources where appropriate (this will help you later on). Due: see note on Blackboard. 1 . What areas comprise the Baltimore Metropolitan area? 2. What is a Metropolitan Statistical Area (AMASS)? 3. List at least 5 website where you can find statistics on the Baltimore Metropolitan rear? . Using data from the US Census Bureau (http://kickbacks. Census. Gob/SF/ index. HTML) create a table that compares/describes the following information for three areas of Baltimore’s AMASS, be sure to also include the data of Maryland (overall). Focus on population, (General population, persons under 5, under 18, over 65) , Living in same house 1 year ; over, High school graduate or higher, bachelor’s degree or higher, mean travel time to work, housing units homeownership rate, median household income, persons per household, persons below poverty level 5.

Do you twice any trends or anything significant between the areas? Explain. 6. In your own words describe several of the major problems Baltimore City or Baltimore County has to deal with. Are these related in some way to Infrastructure? Can using technology improve or alleviate any of these problems? (Support your answer). 7. What technologies do you feel could be beneficial as the Baltimore Metro area grows? 8. Thinking about the Dotson University Campus (particularly If you live on campus), What could be Improved by technology? 9. List several public services that a city would generally provide to Its residents. Explain.

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