They offer the respective of a global organization combined with detailed knowledge of local, state and US national Issues. Formed In 1 998 from a merger between Price Waterholes and Coopers & Library, PWS has a history in client services that dates back to the nineteenth century. Each accounting practice originated in London during the mid-sass. Today in Bermuda, PWS is the largest professional services firm, with 13 partners and over 210 staff. Their offices located in central Hamilton, focusing on the unique needs of individual markets and industries.

Pace’s success in meeting today’s business challenges rests on the way they approach their work, PWS refers to their approach as Connected Talking_ Connected Thinking fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing whether their staff members are at a client site, telecommuting, or working from any of their offices nationwide. At the core of their philosophy is a simple construct; People matter. In actual fact, they come first is their claim. This simple yet vital concept is at the heart of the business strategy they have in place. Culture The culture of an organization is like its personality.

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For a global firm like PWS tit numerous offices around the global, the culture at each firm will be different even though the fundamental principles are shares across all the firms. The people in the organization are really the ones to develop the culture of the firm. In PWS Bermuda, the Organization Culture Inventory (OIC) profile revealed that Avoidance Is the primary style, Competitive Is the secondary style and Affiliated & Approval Is the weakest cultural styles of the unit. These results imply that PWS Bermuda push for success, but does not reward such success, nevertheless punish mistakes.

Additionally, the firm is continually in competition with each other or other offices in the same industry. PWS not only achieves its sales objectives but have also outperformed Its competitors, are considered “winners. ” Affiliated and Approval, being the weakest cultural styles suggests that Interpersonal relationships are not Important In tons Tall. Associate Culture Behaviors According to the OIC, Avoidance is when members shift responsibilities to others and avoid any possibility of being blamed for a mistake due to this negative rewards system.

In regards to the rewards system in PAW’S Bermuda the cost in some cases out weight the benefits. Your reward for working 70 hours a week in busy season, is to be taking out for lunch with your team or have a day off and possibly a bonus; therefore, leaving no incentive to work hard. On the other hand, if you make a mistake you can be scolded. On an engagement team all the detailed work is pushed down to the low levels, senior associates and associates. Depending on your level and what is expected of you determines your punishment for your error.

As an associate bevel one, a new employee that is learning everything for the first time, would not be punished for mistakes Just told how to correct them. However, a senior is expected to review your work to catch any errors and if they don’t, they will face a dilemma. As a young person coming out of university this is a great place to work. Although the hours are long and the pay initially is not the greatest; you develop skills and knowledge that would greatly benefit you in the future, whether you are going in industry or standing in the firm.

PAW’S is not as bad at the OIC indicated in regards to avoidance, if they did than I don’t believe that they would have high as of a morale as they do. It is evident to me that within this organization constructive international relationships are not a high priority. As to why the weakest styles are Affidavit and Approval. Working in a team is apart of the Job description at PAW’S, however being respectful is what is expected. However, I would not say that being friendly, open and sensitive to the satisfaction of their work group are required.

Being apart of an engagement team, you are required to communicate and complete assigned work. This does not necessarily mean that the team would be friendly and open. You will encounter people on teams that work well together and get along, on the hand there are people there Just get the Job done. Those people are the one that tend to be superficial, Just act like they get along with everyone. It is a known fact that it is difficult to work in team if you do not get along. In PAW’S team work should be reinforced from the top. On each engagement there is usually one member from each staff level.

Therefore, if your partner on the engagement is out at the client with o, then I believe this will instill more focus on team work and that is a Join effort for success. This is also communicated to the client. However, if you are on an engagement and the manager only coming to the client premises for meetings there tends to be more of a disconnect between the team. Culture Change Targets The OIC measurement gaps between the Ideal Score versus the Current Score are in the Table below. As you can see the Conventional style has the largest gap. The culture of PAW’S is more conventional than not.

There is particular expectation from o and you must fit into this expectation. PAW’S does not allow their employees to really think out of the box. PAW’S is very traditional and set in their own ways when it comes to certain areas. If something has been done the same way for the last ten years Tanat does not mean Tanat Is ten ruling or ten Test to way to complete Tanat task. From small things such as file external paper files to the key to their success, adding value to their customers. The second largest gap is avoidance which is not surprise as the primary style of the organization.

PAW’S needs to reward their employee for all f their hard work. It is expected for you to work hard as to why you are not greatly rewarded for your efforts. In order to rated as exceptional in the firm, the amount of work and stress and time that goes into it; is not worth the reward as discussed above. However, I believe that this area has not been complained about so much that they are implementing change. They want to retain the best employees, therefore revaluing the current system in place. PAW’S Bermuda is looking at managing staff better, having more group interactions and better interpersonal relationship (a proactive buddy system).

These are all factors that affect the avoidance culture that has developed. Additionally, the economy I believe has a factor in the rewards system as well. I have only been at PAW’S for the last 8 months therefore feeling the recession as well as a lot of PAW’S Bermuda major businesses is moving to different countries. All of these factors have to come in account when looking at these gaps and why they exist and how to change them to the ideal score. [pick] *NOTE: For Constructive Styles the gap is zero when the current score is greater than the ideal score. For Passive/Defensive and Aggressive/

Defensive Style, the gap is zero when the current score is less than the ideal score. Potential Benefits of Culture Change PAW’S is looking to change, the questions is; is it the right changes? PAW’S needs to improve in several areas to reach the target of ideal. In order to have a high- performance culture you need to have professional development, diversity and inclusion, and work life/quality and flexibility. I believe that if the firm invest in your development you are more likely to invest in the firm. Additionally, the more included you are in making decisions and stay connected with firm, the better the culture is thin the organization.

Work life balance is so important, everyone has a life outside of work and an organization should recognize that and respect it. PAW’S need to provide their employees with the tools, including enriching professional experiences, everyday coaching, timely and productive feedback, and high-quality learning and education opportunities to grow as professionals. A high performance culture acknowledges the challenges and provides the flexibility and individualized career options to provide its entire people with a unique people experience.

PAW’S needs to e able to identify and address the issues that still exist around diversity; race, gender and sexual orientation. From the moment a professional comes on board, they are considered a part of the PAW’S family. Even if they choose to leave the firm to explore other opportunities, PAW’S stays connected through our ever-growing alumni community network. PAW’S is committed to supporting the communities in which they work and live. A philosophy of corporate responsibility through charitable giving and community service therefore they give back to their communities throughout the year.

Community service is important and should continue, however this should not be forced on employees. If you have employees that are not rewarded for their hard work, than you force them to do community service the results of this situation will not De good I nerve Is opportunity Tort Improvement Tort PWS Bermuda Tall to enhance its culture. Conclusion and Reflection In conclusion, I have come to realize some important facts about the organization that I am apart of. PAW’S Bermuda needs improvement and through this exercise it has become evident. I want to be apart of the cultural change at PAW’S and I hope that this ours will help me do so.