Theatre going has never Like many others been high on my list of priorities. I have always been more Into going out with my mates for a few pints, or watching the football on television. So when I found out I had to write a review of a play, I felt it would be deeply challenging to me. My lack of experience I feel, however, gave me the opportunity to give a fresh view on the Joys or possible hindrances which may face your ordinary Joe soap wishing to try something new, by attending the theatre.

Written as a novel in 1939 by the Irish author Brian Nolan, under the Pseudonym name of Flan O’Brien, At Swim Two Birds Is widely considered to be one of the most sophisticated examples of metrification writing ever. Writing In the style of metrification often involves playfully and paradoxically interacting with the nature of fiction, the techniques and conventions used in it, as well as the role of the author. It has been said that metrification writing does not let the reader forget he or she is reading a fictional work. At Swim Two Birds is also widely considered to be O’Brien greatest work/ masterpiece.

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As a consequence of this, it had often been said within the circles of Irish Theatre that to make a stage production of It would be a massive gamble. None the less this gamble was taken on by the Blue Raincoat Theatre Company, who are based in Sling and were set up in 1991. The company has taken on many productions since then, with a particular emphasis given to the modern European classics. In this production the Blue Raincoat chose to perform the Jocosely Clarke adapted version which has subsequently been largely viewed as a success by critics nationwide. On entering the Galway Town Hall Theatre we are presented with an auditorium, that Is very different to what one would expect when traveling to your average play. At centre stage there is a thrust stage, with a proscenium arch to the rear with a red curtain hanging down from it. This provides the only visible cover in which the actors remain invisible to the crowd. To the left and right are the trappings you would usually expect to be found backstage or hidden away in the wings, out of sight to the viewer. Microphones, extra costumes, even characters not laying a part In a particular scene are almost at all times voluble to the crowd.

This to me provided a rather chaotic experience for us the audience, which In part took away from the plays overall performance. On too many occasions I felt that what was going on behind the scenes distracted the gaze of the audience from the story itself which is being told. For instance all too often when a key scene was occurring I found myself being drawn to something off stage which was completely immaterial to what was actually occurring within the play. Slacker’s At Swim Two Birds presents the orator In a number of forms from the playwright, director,and ring-master, each with a different drama to put on.

The play takes place at a tremendous {text:soft- page-break} pace, which has both positive and negative affects I feel on the story. The pace of the play is such that from the moment the narrator begins to introduce the other characters, it is obvious that there will surely be a number of chaotic moments that will leave us in stitches. From the Pokka, Finn Mac Communal, and the Good Fairy to name but a few we are given performances which are both breathtakingly funny Tort tenet awkwardness, pompousness, Ana utter stupidity. I Nils can De seen Don In their attitudes, demeanor, and the way they are physically portrayed in costume.

The brilliance of the cast for their interaction with the audience cannot be ignored as you are made to feel part of the production. The cast of characters( played by Maloney McGowan, McCauley, Hughes, and Carry) I feel could not have performed better as they bring each character to life in a manner befitting of any stage. However as I have mentioned I feel the play is anything but flawless as while the production as whole is very good, I feel that Slacker’s adoption is take to far to sporadic length’s for your average theatre audience.

With so much going on, on stage it was very easy to miss something which was key to the story, and indeed I found myself lost on so many occasions throughout that were I to go home and give a step by step account I feel I would Fail miserably. In ending I must say that while I found the play enjoyable thanks to the theatrics of the characters, cast, I feel that it lacked a fluidity which would see me recommend it to friends, or indeed wish to see it again.