What this means for the Older Worker Negative attitudes toward aging and Older Workers have a considerable Impact on our ability to make decisions and find employment. By changing our own attitudes, we can help change social attitudes as well. Reframing negative attitudes and making a commitment to life-long learning are sure ways to a healthy and satisfying life. Myths As an Older Worker you may encounter negative social attitudes about aging. Some might Imply that age affects your job performance. Others might suggest that you can no longer learn new tasks.

Negative attitudes toward aging can start to affect people as young as those in their imides. Many of these social attitudes are based on myths and stereotypes. A few of theses myths are: Myth #1 : Older Workers can learn new tasks or technology. Reality: There Is no evidence that Older Workers have less ability to learn now than at any other time In their lives. It may even be easier to learn now because teaching has changed to reflect different learning styles. Myth #2: Older Workers don’t need or want to work. All they think about is retirement.

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Reality: Many people enjoy working up to the age of 70 or beyond, and many others may not have sufficient retirement income to allow them to retire. Myth #3: Older Workers should leave the work force to make room for younger workers. Reality: The work force needs contributions from people of all ages. Older workers have valuable work and life experience to share and often provide training and mentoring to others. Myth #4: Training Older Workers is not a good investment. Reality: The future work life of the employee over 50 is usually longer than the life of the technology for which the worker was trained.

Myth #5: Older Workers are less adaptable and flexible. Reality: Older Workers adapt well to change once they understand the reasons for it. However, they are more likely to see clarification about the need for change. When we hear something often enough (such as negative comments about Older Workers) we have a tendency to believe it Is true, even when we know it is not. You may even begin to believe that once you are In your sis, you are too old to start again. If you Delve tens, teen you nave mace a netter case Tort negative clang myths Ana stereotypes than society ever could.

If you live your life according to what you can’t do, rather what you can, you limit your potential. Airframe: Ground Yourself in the Positive Reality Workers in their sis and beyond have much to offer the workplace and community. Age does not mean the same thing it did to our parents or grandparents. We have better health care and are usually healthier into a later age than earlier generations. The old myths and stereotypes of declining ability and unwillingness to learn don’t apply to the current generation of older adults.

We have energy, ideas, experience, and a committed work ethic that employers want and need. Airframe : Taking Risks You may find that you are reluctant to take risks because you think you shouldn’t have to at this stage in life. This is a mistaken assumption-all change involves taking risks. Instead of avoiding risks, use your life and work experience to make informed decisions and take smarter risks. Airframe #2: Retirement Many people look forward to retirement as a time to slow down, but a healthy retirement means you still need a Job.

It may not look like anything you’ve ever imagined or resemble typical paid work, but you still need something to do. Without a job to keep you active and engaged in your community, the debilitating aspects of old age quickly overtake you, and health, energy, and spirit can suffer. However, it is important not to think about the retirement Job in the same way as the other Jobs in fife. You will control this Job in ways that, earlier in your life, you never dreamed possible. You will organize it to suit yourself according to what gives you meaning and satisfaction.

Whether you start a small business, run a studio out of a vacant bedroom, or have a workshop in the garage, the important thing is to invest time and energy preparing for your retirement Job. Airframe #3: Technology Technology is everywhere. Make friends with it and it can serve you well. Continue to develop your technological skills by taking computer workshops offered by community colleges, recreation departments or private tutors. If you don’t find what you need, ask. The more current your skills the better able you will be to find employment or use the computer in your small business.

Airframe #4: Training and Education Consider returning to school. Whether you need to upgrade your skills or take a course in a new field, further schooling is never wasted. Life-long learning is more than a current catch phrase: it’s a way to look at life. There’s no need to worry-you will be welcomed in school. There will be others Just like you, who are working hard to get back into study mode after years of being away from a classroom. Education has come a long way; different learning styles are accepted now.

You may be pleasantly surprised, not only by the learning environment, but by your previously undiscovered abilities and the Joy of going back to school. Things to think about There are 30 years between the ages of 50 and 80. Most people start to report feeling physically old by age 80, but many don’t feel old until well into their nineties. We will reinvent ourselves many times throughout our lives, not always consciously. After 50 you have a lot more say about who you are going to be. Things to do Take time to explore what you really want to do between 50 and 80. Plan a retirement career. You may need to Invest In tools or clement Ana t I Is sealers too that when you are employed. Start gathering information and resources for your retirement career. Talk to people, read, or take classes and workshops. Preparing for your future will give you energy and hope. Challenge all the myths and stereotypes you hear about aging. Eventually these myths will be demolished. Take a computer class or two to stay current. It will increase your confidence in your abilities.