Paul Anxiety, not only entertained the but it was also informative. Colic’s connection with the fox “Bandit” kept me interested in the story. Seeing how a fox survives in the wild was sad but it helped me understand wildlife. Colon instantly connected to the fox. Finding the baby fox, right after his father killed the vixen, his dad warned Colon, “half of that little critter has to love, but the other half is a wild hunter. ” Colon still made the fox his whole life. The fox grew up, but learned to steal eggs and liked human food. Colic’s dad was not happy Bandit (the fox) had a taste for eggs.

Colic’s dad knew that was not good for a fox, especially for their chickens. Bandit grows up and becomes wild. Colon, the family included, was very upset, but they all knew it was going to happen someday. Bandit then disappears which leads to Colon and his brother to search for the fox. When Bandit is finally spotted by Colon, Bandit has a vixen, his mate. Colon realizes Bandit is now wild. Bandit is aware of Colon but Bandit’s Instinct to be a free and wild animals is stronger. Colon, spending lots of time outdoors, Is able to see Bandit’s range In the forest. Colic’s father warning about Bandit turns out to be true.

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Summertime came ND Bandit’s nonfat of humans causes many problems with farmers In the area. So much so that the rules were changed for the fox hunt, Bandit’s hunt. After the fox hunters tried all day to kill Bandit, the fox was able to hide in the pool the boys used every summer. The connection of the boys with the fox, at this point, was sad. They both saw Bandit hiding and this moment the three, boys and fox, knew that this was the turning point in their relationship. After hours of hiding Bandit tried to leave but a hunter saw the fox. Bandit was no more. Sad, touching, and a life lesson Is what the author brought out In this short story.