Ayman El Mamoun

HRD 2300 (01)

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ALANZY Abdulrhman

January 31, 2018

Assignments Sheet Information

Which definition of HRD do you prefer?

Since I am a Business Administration student minoring in HRD, the best
definition for me is Chalofsky’s one that shows HRD as a structure that help
employees develop their skills in both personal life and organizational one.

Why do you favor that definition?

HRD, for me, helps increasing our knowledge and abilities in the aim of optimizing
people and organizational effectiveness. I strongly believe that Human Resource
Development includes alike conveniences and chances, as employees, for
training, developing and coaching ourselves for a better personal and
professional-organizational life. HRD, as a framework, ensures our growth and prosperity
in the business world; moreover, it facilitates human resource planning in
order to be strongly present in the future world.

What is your personal definition of HRD?

The meaning of HRD for me is the
important part of Human Resources of a specific organization used to develop
our skills and abilities through many tools, such as trainings and pragmatic
learnings. It also evolves our capacities and capabilities while training and
performing this tools in our lives to fill the gaps. Human Resource Development
insures our growth as employees and guarantees our organizational development,
as well.

What is your impression of HRD?

One good impression I have about
HRD is that it helps motivating people. For instance, as a businessman, I must
know very well how to motivate my employees. I can set a group of non-financial
rewards and feature excellent employees by a good ranking.

Another important impression is
that by learning HRD skills, I can be consistent and be personally involved.
Using the previous example, I can set up and enforce fair policies and rules in
order to have a better organizational framework. As my corporation grows, I can
be sure that my employees work harder so I can, as an owner, control the
organization better.