When it comes to the two generations it is defiantly a difference, two worlds set apart with different values. Baby boomers are the generation that our parents and some of us fall in. This generation brought about allot of discipline and responsibility. Baby boomers were raised to believe that success Is based on being successful at work, by any means necessary. While the Gene X Is more self righteous and only have to care for themselves. They are the ones that fight for better healthcare reforms, economical growth, and better work salaries.

In the workforce however the tables have turned. Employers didn’t have to worry about Baby boomers, they were dedicated and determined to get the job done. In the past they have brought unique strengths and abilities to the table. If it meant sacrificing their work life balance they would do so in order to provide for their families. This generation saw how their parents worked hard to provide for the home, so instantly it became their way of life as well. Baby boomers get the Job done at all cost and working his or her way to the top is defined by then successful.

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This is here the difference between the two collides. Unlike Baby boomers Gene X employees do not plan on staying with one Job or company throughout their career, nor will they sacrifice their family for their Job. This Is generation is very observant, they have watched as Corporations fired their “loyal” parents. Their thought process Isn’t to do anything to get the Job done; they assign the Jobs to other workers and move on. To them their success Is defined by the amount of times they have for self and family.

Corporations are starting to spend their money on training new young managers o take the place of Baby boomers. They feel as though they are equipped with skills and easily trainable, unlike the Gene X. I do agree that the Gene X generation is equipped with the technical aspect but it would take years to produce strong work ethic and leadership skills. I strongly believe that corporations view point isn’t on the technical aspect it is dealing more with pay scale. They can replace one Baby boomer for the price of two Gene X. It all bolls down to financial restorability.

Corporations do understand that Boomers are the hard working group, taking up he highest positions In the workforce but they ultimately hit a learning curve (22). With changes In technology It can become very costly to retrain this generation to catch up to speed. Therefore, they rather take a gamble and bring in the youngsters Tanat already nave tons Knowledge Ana puss sale Zoo experience. Wrong move, teeny aren’t dependable. Generation Seers management style is very blunt, they are more focused on getting the Job done. There’s no bonding or team work from this group.

They are independent and results oriented, they pride their success on recognition. That’s their gratification of success. Seers are a more skeptical bunch, cynical of frivolous marketing pitches that promise easy success (Cotter, Philip & Armstrong 263). As a result of corporations moving with this trend it will however affect the Job market tremendously. There will be a loss in budget, trying to fund the training of this non stable generation. As stated before Gene X employees are less motivated by working long hours to reach success, they are motivated more by personal satisfaction at work.