What happens when our dreams and our goals are interrupted? In most cases, we simply adjust and move on; but it doesn’t mean that our desires to reach those goals or realize those dreams disappear forever. When I left college unexpectedly I knew that I had to do it. My financial aid was denied my second year of school and I just couldn’t afford to continue. I didn’t have the luxury of having my parents pay for college; they were in no position to do so. And I didn’t have the ability to simply pay my own way without help. I left school with a heavy heart; I didn’t want to go but I had to do what I had to do. Since then I have always held the dream of finishing school and seeing my goals finally realized.

This was not to be the case for some time. There was no money in the beginning. And then, when there was money, there was no time. This was before the real dawn of the Internet. Online education was in its infancy and there was not the options that there are today. But now, with so much at our disposal, students are able to take advantage of a great many options that had not existed previously. Now students can earn everything from an online MBA to Masters in Education through Internet programs.

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So with the Internet at the ready and the time and money that I needed to continue my education (albeit at home and without the commute to a local university), I was ready to reestablish my goals of getting my business degree even if it was through a different venue than I had originally anticipated. I have officially embarked on my online business degree program and I am happy and proud to live in an era where something like this is possible.