Milliner Kenya Limited manufactures and markets food, home, and personal care products. It was registered in 1949 as East African Industries Limited and changed its name to Milliner Kenya Limited in the year 2000. Milliner Kenya Limited operates as a subsidiary of the Milliner Group and is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Http:// investing. Businesslike. Com/research/stocks/prelate/snapshot. Asp? Practical=564491 2 (Accessed on 8 September 2010) Customer Base: Milliner’s customer base is divided into two: General trade and the Key accounts.

General trade is made up of 42 distributors countrywide and serves 75% of Milliner’s market. Key accounts encompass supermarkets (Tuskers, Mainmast, Naives, Koala, and chump), convenient stores and AFC (Armed forces). This customer base makes up 25 per cent of Milliner Jenny’s business. Products Range: Milliner Jenny’s business is categorized in three areas: Foods, Home care and Personal care products. 1. Foods: There are three products In the foods category which are: a) Blue Band Brand It Is the leading brand In the margarine category In Kenya. It Is currently used by over 2. 3 million households annually.

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It has a market share of 70%. There are two variants of Blue Band: Blue Band Original and Blue Band Spread. Competition is comprised of: Goldman margarine by Biddy, and Prestige margarine by Kappa Oil refineries. B) Rocco McHugh Mix Brand It was launched In 1978 as Role and was the first beef flavoring In the market. In 1993, Role was reluctance as Rocco. Rocco cubes were Introduced to the market In 1996. The Rocco brand commands a market share of 85%. The competing product is Oho by Centric industries Ltd. ) Nor Brand There are two categories under this brand: the Nor cubes and Nor aroma.

Nor cubes were Introduced Into the Kenya market In 1971 and pioneered the cubes market category. They are available in a two cube or six cube packets. Nor aroma is a unique blend of herbs and spices, fats and salt. It comes in three flavors: Original, Peppier and Chill beef. The Nor brand has a market share of 33%. Tropical heat by Deep Industries Ltd is its main competitor. 2. Home Care: near ten none care category are two products mom Ana sunlight. ) mom Brand It is the leading washing powder in Kenya. It is available in egg, egg, egg, egg, Gig, and 3. Egg packs.

Its main competition is Naive by Beresford. C) Lady gay Has a market share of 16% and its main competitor is Elmira by Beresford. D) Geisha It was launched in 1993 in Kenya and has the following variants: Geisha white, Green, Pink, Blue and Yellow. It comes in sizes of egg, egg and egg. Its market share is 39%. Its competition includes Cocoons by PC cocoons, FAA by Hanker. E) Baseline The Baseline range consists of the following: Normal petroleum Jelly, Baby petroleum eely, and perfumed Jelly.

There is also the Baseline Intensive care dual action soap which comes in two variants: Tea tree oil and Aloe Vera extract. Competition includes but not limited to: Soles by Beresford,Maws by Byline Industries and Valor by Truelove Industries. Baseline has a market share of 41%. E) Lifebuoy Lifebuoy comes in two forms: The Lifebuoy bar soap and Lifebuoy hand wash. It has a market share of 13% in the Kenya Market. Competing products are: Delete soap an Receipt and Bunkers and Proper by Colgate Palmolive. A Delete nana was