Bangkok, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dubai- what do these five cities have in common? They are all amongst the most highly visited regions in our world today. But their millions of visitors per annum are miniscule by comparison to the 3.2 billion boasted by the Internet. With almost half of the world’s population visiting at some point, it’s no wonder that the Internet is slowly becoming a sort of new world in itself, a haven for creative, passionate minds- for the fashion obsessed. A place when creativity meets complete freedom, without the confines of being a physical place. Ideas, thoughts and creations are free to run amok across the globe, free from the limits of space or time. Trends are spreading faster than ever, without forcing themselves onto people, for it is the individual that chooses their virtual surroundings, curates their own world to thrive in, and it is just that which makes online fashion media a force to be reckoned with, like no other. With digital media quickly filling the space of print beyond capacity, the mass movement of fashion magazines from the real world to the virtual one, is sure to leave us to pose the question- why?There are of course the obvious reasons- cost efficiency, access to a wider market, immediate distribution etc, but as we delve deeper into the phenomenon of online fashion media, it is crucial to note the perpetual inquisitiveness innate to the consumer of fashion media, the incessant yearning for an up to date, informed viewpoint, and the power it gains when paired with the supersonic distribution of virtual media. But this appetite is never quite fulfilled, there will always be the never ending search for bigger, better, more knowledgeable sources, which only intensifies the _________. It is one of the rare situations where quality and quantity balance out, it takes somebody with a voice, an eye, a vision, and a tremendous capacity for processing new things, for it is an industry which feeds upon concepts, upon the power of the individual