Bangladesh is the second largest readymade garment
producer in the world after China. According to the IMF, Bangladesh’s economy
is the second fastest growing major economy of 2016 (Dec), with 7.11 percent
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) where textile industry contributed the most about
28%. However, its productivity is only about 38-40%, where it is 70% in China.
This unexpected reality deeply stricken my mind and drive me to look into its
elucidation. Gradually I come to know that a number of factors are responsible
for this poor productivity. However, at a point during studying about this
serious lacking of the industry, I found this problem to be a great opportunity;
because, even after this low productivity, Bangladesh has managed to appear as
a strong apparel producer in the world. I believe, even a small effort to
improve productivity can have a profound impact on the industry and economy of
Bangladesh. The problem of productivity is the big opportunity to work on
toward economic emancipation. This is why, I find the program is a great course
to pursue and contribute.  

After graduation in Textile Engineering, I worked at
a textile factory in the department of production planning and control for a
year. I tried there to get acquainted with production pattern and management. I
found the industry often struggle in planning, forecasting and selecting
production technique and ended up missing delivery schedule. I realized those
problems are caused mainly by the lack of technical knowledge, unfit working
methods and improper human management. As I was studying more about productivity
my interest effervesced. I started to learn about numerous aspects of this vast
field. Rigorous study gave me a limpid notion about the fundamentals of production
methods and managements. Eventually, I realized I need to have more technical knowledge
about production techniques and management strategies to make right changes
towards improved productivity.

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Currently, I have been serving Port City
International University for last 3 years as a Lecturer in the department of
Textile Engineering. Here, I love to engage my students in different long and
short term projects especially relevant to production technique in textile

I selected teaching would be the right profession for
me to make profound impact on the industry, since my students could spread in
maximum and implement those production methods and management in order to make a meaningful technical contribution
to the society. Yet, I was not satisfied and felt the necessity of higher
education on this.

My purpose in applying for University of Oulu is to
become a professional academician and researcher in the field of Industrial
Engineering. I feel that I need more academic preparation beyond my graduate in
order to make a meaningful technical contribution to the society. Since I am
working as a Lecturer in a University, I want to keep me involve in research
and knowledge of engineering methods of productivity. After completion of
studies my ultimate goal is to get back to the University I am serving now and
share the knowledge I will possess with the students .I want my students to be
confident innovating developing ideas and solving problem that improves
productivity, quality and well-being and thus contribute to sustainable

I have chosen University of Oulu, as it is one of
the renowned universities in Finland as well as in Europe. University of Oulu
comprises a vast opportunity to pursue knowledge in product management. I
think, University of Oulu with its attractive facilities, highly qualified
faculty and unique academic environment is the right place for pursuing
Master’s degree in Product Management and if given a chance, I shall make the
best out of it. The exposure and training I got from the industrial and academic
experience make me feel confident that I would be able to cope with advanced
research at the Master’s level at University of Oulu. Steady and excellent
performance at undergraduate and graduate level with the integration of
proactive interest helped me to develop self-confidence and analytical skills.
I believe that my academic and professional skills will help me to go through
this arduous journey to pursue Master’s degree in Product Management. I would
be grateful if I am given the opportunity to pursue my Master’s degree in Product
Management at University of Oulu. Thank you for considering my application.