What happens when people get Into trouble? The thing that worries us the most is the amount of unemployment. So many times, folks have lost their jobs or through a divorce have lost their economic means. We want to work with those folks over time to see that we can’t help get them back on their feet again. Quite frequently, the sooner someone comes to us and says, “I’m not happy about this, but my circumstances have changed an I need a partner newer. Want can you ay Tort me.

I gnat’s when we can more readily act to help them through that crisis. But, there are people who are in denial, I’d have to tell you that, and who think they can beat the system. And that’s terrible because it’s easier to work with folks than not. But if you put up a resistance and we can’t get through, then those are some of the loans, unfortunately, that go to foreclosure. Something that I don’t think the world knows enough about is that many people have almost an insatiable desire for debt. And if I could say anything to folks, it’s to be careful to how far you stretch yourself out.

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And, it’s proven that too much of an individual or a family’s income cannot be devoted to debt repayment. I think if there’s a story written about this particular chapter of history, as far as credit is concerned, they’re going to end up finding that people’s appetite for debt beyond their first mortgage is what caused most of the problems. So I would say to folks, be careful what you get yourself involved in, which sounds like fatherly advice, and maybe it is.