The game started brightly, we attack, they attack back, but this wasn’t Just a normal game. This was a playoff match against our arch rival Riverbank High, In what was a repeat of last years finals. So far so good I was thinking to myself as I was supped off for the first time in the quarter, we were up by four points going Into to the second half.

All of the sudden they went on a scoring run and our defense completely gave UT, In Just the two minutes before the half the score was 62- 55. I was thinking to myself Is this going to be like last year, were we choked In the final minutes. The start of the second half started brightly for us, as we came to life with fast brakes and counterattacks. I couldn’t believe were we got this burst of speed, I looked at the clock and only one minute left and we were down by two points.

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Stay calm I was talking to myself as the coach huddle us In, he told me I would be take the winning shot. I was nervous as the seconds dwindled down, It went out for a free throw, this Is your moment, only fourteen seconds left. I cut between to defender on the far corner and threw the shot up, it was too late for the defender to get a block and the shot went in for three points. We won is all I heard around the court.