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These points really show the importance of
“Objective Solutions (1949)”.

Due to these statements, there is a great deal of population
in the population of Muslims (1949).

1. It is a framework that provides mechanisms for
achieving better life goals of Pakistan’s people.

2. Assessment of Islamic Principles. (Under the
rules set by Allaah Almighty, people should be invited to the people of the

3. Keeping in accordance with their Islamic life in
favor of Muslim. (Muslims will live their lives according to the Qur’an and
Sunnah teaching).

4. Resolution promises to give respect to minority,
backward and deprived sections and to give right to the hunger society of

5. Freedom of confession and minority freedom
(minority can be free from freedom and follow their religion.)

6. Judge Guarantee should be guaranteed

7. Depending on the sovereignty and sovereignty of
the country had to be protected

8. It shows Islamic cultural, Muslim protection,
remains there, according to the rules described in Quran.













Constitution Assembly (1947-54)

At the time of Independence, the first
constitutional assembly of Pakistan was present in 1947 under the Indian
Freedom Act.

1. The authority of which he has presented to his
people through the practice of Pakistan, is a sacred trust.

2. The state will use its power through the
representatives of the public

3. In order to manage their lives according to the
teachings and requirements of Islam, believers will be activated as described
in Quran and Sunnah.

4. Freedom of freedom freely, profess the professor
and your religion and gain freedom to promote your cultures.

5. Solve the minorities passed by the Constitution
of the Constitution on the purpose and purpose of the Constitution

6. The basic principle was presented in the
Unlimited Reporting Committee of the Committee.

7. According to the report on the basic rights of
the citizens of Pakistan. Minority issues were passed by the Constitution of
Pakistan. The report got a better response.