Better yet, who could they possibly be this eager to see? It Is none other than the newly famed and acclaimed British group known as the Battles. The Battles had a major impact on both British and American society. Their song “Yesterday’ was one of their most successful songs, as well as, one of the most played songs of the twentieth century. The Battles were composed of four young men from Liverpool, England, a port city in northern England. The members of the group Included John Lennox, James Paul McCarty, George Harrison and Richard Starkey, better known as Ring Starr.

The group began with John Lennox who was the leader of a band called The Quarrymen. This band was known as a Skiff’s Group, which Paul McCarty was also a member of. The two were introduced to George Harrison and they all collided together. They began playing together as a band and soon included Richard Starkey as the band’s drummer. The group continued to perform under the name The Quarrymen for a couple of years but a change soon came about. In the spring of 1960 the band changed their name to the Silver Beetles, which was soon shortened to be simply, the Battles (Stark, Steven D.

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Meet the Battles: A Cultural History of the Band that Shook Youth, Gender, and the World. New York, Hairlessness, 2005. P. 75). The Battles were a major part of the emerging youth culture of the nineteen-sixties. Everything they represented from their style of dress to the way their hair was styled to the things they did, not to mention their music, Influenced many people especially the younger generation of the time. The group’s mall source of Influence was found In their music. The music that they created was relatable among many people. They wrote lyrics that their peers would be able to associate themselves with.

Despite the Battles’ shocking breakup in April of 1970, when Paul McCarty announced that he had left the group, their music is still considered legendary. Amongst their abundant amount of songs, a song entitled “Yesterday” was one of their most prevalent. Upon its composition it had a great Impact on Its listeners and even still In this day In age, It possesses the same affect, perhaps making It the best-known tune of the Battles. Paul McCarty composed “Yesterday’ in January 1 964 for the 1965 album entitled “Help! ” The melody for the song came to McCarty in a dream one night during the

Battles’ tour of France at the George V hotel in Paris. Initially, his concern was that he had subconsciously popularized someone else’s work. McCarty quotes that, “For about a month I went round to people in the music business and asked them whether they had ever heard It before. Eventually It became Like handing something In to ten police. Touting no one calmed It rater a Tee weeks teen I could n it. ” (Heartbeats, Mark. A Day in the Life: The Music and Artistry of the Battles. New York, Delectate Press, 1995. P. 131). Soon he was convinced that his melody was ended an original one and began to write lyrics that suited it.

It took him quite some time to find lyrics and a title that fit the melody. His initial working title was “Scrambled Eggs”, to complement his opening line, which stated, “Scrambled eggs, Oh, baby how I love your legs. ” McCarty finally had a breakthrough with the lyrics and centered them on the breakup between him and his girlfriend. Ministered’ was the first song the Battles released that did not feature the entire group, but only its composer, Paul McCarty. In spite of this fact, the song acquired very much success or the Battles. The musical styling of ministered’ was a shock in rock music at the time it was released.

Its sound captured a large adult market. Being that the Battles’ fans were people of a younger set, the song gave the Battles an enormous amount of credibility among an older crowd of people. The song was also captivating for many musicians then and now. A lot of musicians held and still hold Ministered’ in high regard. The large number and variety of artists who have recorded and performed the song indicate this. This song has been covered over 2,500 times by artists such as Boozy II Men, Ray Charles, En Vogue, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Tom Jones (Stark, Steven D.

Meet the Battles: A Cultural History of the Band that Shook Youth, Gender, and the World. New York, Hairlessness, 2005. P. 180). Being that the song was so successful and influential, to this day, at any given time, it can most likely be found being broadcast anywhere. The main and major themes of Ministered’ are that of regret and sorrow. Throughout the song it shows how the writer is feeling sorry for today and regretting and longing for yesterday. The first stanza states, ministered, all my troubles seemed o far away. Now it seems as though they’re here to stay. Oh, I believe in yesterday’.

This demonstrates that yesterday, before the happenings of bad things, life was carefree and nice. Everything was going the writer’s way. He had no troubles. Now that today is here, the troubles seem that they will last forever. The second stanza states, I’m not half the man I use to be. There’s a shadow hanging over me. Oh, yesterday came suddenly’. This displays how all off sudden the writer is not who he use to be. Due to what took place yesterday he’s feeling down and is wondering how yesterday came about so quickly. He wonders how everything could fall apart all off sudden.

The third stanza states, “Why she had to go I don’t know, she wouldn’t say. I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday’. This stanza expresses how the writer’s girlfriend suddenly left him without any indication of why she left. She most likely left without warning because she feels as though he should have previously known. He messed up with her and he lost her as a result of that. He is regretting what took place and now wishes that he could obtain yesterday once again. The final stanza states,” Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to hide away.

Oh, I believe in yesterday’. This stanza brings the entire song together. It is showing that to the writer, love was simply a game to him. It was easy for him to play it until reality hit him showing him that love was not something that should be played with. He is now in desperate need off place to hide away for en Is Declining to unreason winy en Is now walkout love. He once again Is regretting his actions and wishing that he could obtain yesterday once all over again. Ministered’ by the Battles is an incredibly admired song even in times like today.

Younger people, even those who are a part of this generation, are able to consider Ministered’ a recognizable song and can even understand and relate to it. The Battles’ success with this particular song is simply phenomenal. It had an extreme impact on many people especially various musicians of that time period as well as some of this time period. The Battles themselves influenced not only the British society but also the American society to a great extent. Ministered’ was one of the most successful songs, as well as one of the most played songs of the twentieth century.