Theoretically the both articles published as condom usage promotional material in health protection and medical press are based on six models of condoms’ users behavior – starting without consideration on condoms using, then recognition of necessity of condom usage, thinking about it, preparation stage, short time of condoms using (less than 6 months), longer period – 6 months and more, and finally relapse stage – experiencing the barrier of condoms using.

The both publications pursued the goal to set up a brief condom use promotion program for urban African American males employing qualitative and quantitative methods for positive results achievement. While qualitative method was concerned with exploration and analysis of condom using barriers, the quantitative method has been tasked with double functioning – identification of condom related behaviors’ prevalence and the feasibility of program administration (AIDS Patient Care Journal).

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On the other hand, there were specific targets such as implementation and assessment of condom using program and its administration in very short terms announced by National Medical Association Journal. Concentrating on the ethical group including mostly African Americans male respondents Quantitative Report … article has stressed on bad tendency of HIV/STDs and other sexual activity related diseases statistics’ growing, particularly among African Americans’ population, stressing on 13% digit of white Americans being diagnosed by AIDS comparing to overall 40% AIDS cases thru the year 2003ird.

At the same time investigating the case of urban African American males National Medical Association Journal haven’t provided such comparative analysis but got written the expressions such as “ black people are not going to do something unless they will get paid” (p. 5), this sentence can lead to serious ethical morality concerns. One of the biggest challenges the both research investigations have faced are concluded in negative condom usage opinion, so popular among youth audience since several last years.

Although, the condom use promotion programs became more frequent and proactive, they are not able to change completely the human perception of danger accompanying their sexual activities. Sampling the individual attitudes towards the condom using Urban African Americans … article has cited the interview taken from different groups of respondents describing four possible scenarios of having children: – Trapping the girl friend partner to stack with the farther of her kid for good; – Having all necessary economy conditions to have a kid;

– The girl friend is without particular occupation, so she is free to take care about her man and a kid, she is eager to have a kid or the both. All the situations sampled in the both articles give the main role in condom using decision making into the male hands, so it is essential to provide an appropriate condom promotion program among male population first, especially those, who belong to minority ethnical groups, as they are the groups of highest risk level due to the previous researches findings (Quantitative Report, p. 2).

However Quantitative Report … has analyzed the bigger number of respondents’ surveys (136), they have paid more attention on scientific relevancy of data and less on casual relationship subject, which is one of the strongest condom using relationships’ opponents. The major part of the respondents have admitted that at present economic state of their life they do not ready to become fathers, the other, smaller part has shared that they are already fathers and admitted that children are the positive society outcome of relationship.

Among the respondents, who have already become fathers were those, who gained the status being involved in casual relationships. At the case with African Americans males using condoms in their sexual activity the strategic role belongs to ethical, religious and cultural difference, as the main role in sexual life traditionally belongs to men thus school prevention programs or condom using promotion programs are the only possible regulation and condoms’ using administration today.

While National Medical Association Journal operates with general practical experience and summarized surveys’ outcome, the Quantitative Report… gives more accurate scientific data including various samples of psychometric contrasts, their compiling and clarification for obtaining the highest score of conducted research relevancy.

Quantitative Report operates with demographic characteristics data, HIV/STD prevention knowledge abstract, perceived HIV/STD-related vulnerability analysis, condom use intention report, condom use attitudes report, condom use barriers report, peer related factors, partners’ related factors, decision making balance, and condom use self efficacy analyzed data. These criteria add more scientific basis to Quantitative Report… article, which is the key benefit in using these material for building further condom using promotion programs and HIV/STDs prevetion school based programs.