Being grown up with a mentally challenged family friend, I knew the pain that the family and the kid went through. It hit me emotionally even as a kid. From a very small age itself, I knew what I wanted to do in life no matter what career I pursue: to help the special people anyway possible. I have had an inclination towards Biology since my school days. I was introduced to basics of Genetics in High School and I got to learn about the different genetic disorders. Now, I am more than ever happy that I am pursuing Genetic Engineering in my under graduation. It has definitely brought me a step closer to my dream.My major area of interest is Medical Genetics – Reproductive/Paediatric Genetics and Stem Cell Biology. First reason being Infertility, which is on a rise in India and assisted reproductive therapies are not affordable by all sectors of people. I underwent a training program in the field of Andrology and Assisted Reproductive Techniques which made me more inquisitive about this field. It was during this training period that I realized there are so many people suffering from the problem of infertility and seeking medical assistance. Secondly, there is an alarming rise in the occurence of genetic diseases. Worldwide 7.9 million births occur annually with serious birth defects and 94% of these births occur in middle and low income countries. India is the second most popular country with a large number of infants born annually with birth defects. Most of the genetic disorders, unfortunately have no cure and there are many undiagnosed rare genetic conditions. I feel this is a very sensitive field and needs utmost attention. I also work for an NGO named Thagai which primarly helps genetically affected kids and adults. It is run by a bunch of aspiring Genetic Engineers. We visit special homes and schools for mentally challenged people as a part of this oraganization. We are currently helping them in small ways possible. But our ultimate aim is to provide them with the best Medical assistance. And we believe in Science and Research to achieve our goal.I am currently learning a paper on stem cell biology and I was astonished by the wonders it can do; the potential use of it in research and in treating diseases. It is undoubtedly a ray of hope in the field of medicine. I am also interested in exploring more into the potential of stem cells in studying and curing genetic diseases. Studies done on mouse pluripotent stem cells carrying mutations has already greatly enhanced scientific and medical knowledge of how genetic diseases develop. Further such studies can help us understand the genetic diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzeimer’s disease, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, etc and the possible cure for the same. Now there is a lot of advancement in prenatal stem cell therapy, as well.Finally, I have come to realise that only getting into Research can make me live my dream completely. I want to know and experience what it takes to be a Researcher. I am hoping to gain valuable experiences and lessons from this internship program that will make me strive even harder to achieve my goal and make a difference. I am looking forward to work in a team, coordinate, share ideas and get inspired through the process. I believe Khorana will provide me the best platform to meet inspiring researchers and pave a path for me in the research feild. This program will certainly expand my horizons further, leading me to the path of becoming a reseacher.