Nowadays, mediation has been prescribed as a therapy to Improve vascular diseases, relieve the problem of Insomnia, assist asthma patients to Inhale and exhale easier and ameliorate exercise performance In angina patients 1. In general, meditation can effectively reduce the daily stresses and tensions of life. It is believed to be a safe and easy tool for balancing the physiological, psychological and mental states 12. Starting from ancient times, Buddhists widely has been promoting and teaching the knowledge and skills of meditation among central and eastern Asian countries, including China and India 1 .

They faithfully believe the implementation of meditation is a prerequisite for cultivating compassion and wisdom and deem it as a necessity for comprehending the reality. They hold a viewpoint that the scope of humans general consciousness Is not infinite, but with limits. Should we the human want to extend our lives to fully colorful spectrum of own unconsciousness and consciousness, meditation Indeed offers help and guldens to us 1 . From the perspective of Taoist, meditation resembles short-term starvation in mental manner 1 .

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Like physical fasting which cuts off all the dietary uptake of trines for purification of the body essences, the mental starvation during meditation acts to filtrate and purify our mind. It helps withdraw all disturbing thoughts and distractive emotions from our mind, with a view to restoring our primary spiritual powers. This mind-cleansing process during the mental starvation is natural and autonomic in nature. The prerequisite for activating this progression of self-rejuvenation is mind and body without any input for a certain fixed period of time 1 .

Taoist consider “sitting silently without doing anything” an effective way of adhering adequate mental lucidity to thoroughly concentrate on taming and training the two sides of temporal mind which directs our living. Those two aspects of temporal mind are referring to the mind of emotion and the mind of willpower respectively 1. Interestingly, from the viewpoint of Taoist, the minds of emotion and willpower are managed by and correlated to two abstract forms of energy inside our body: the Fire energy of Heart and the Water energy of Kidneys respectively 1 .

The mind of emotion is supposed to be under the control and governance of the Fire energy of Heart. At the time our emotion is not well manipulated, the Fire energy of Heart then blazes up, which leads to wasteful burning up of energy and awful bewildering of our mind 1. On the other side, Taoist reckon that the mind of willpower Is dominated by the Water energy of Kidneys. Without careful attention, the Water energy will drain from kidneys to and out through sexual organ, which results In depletion of energy and essence as well as degeneration of split 1 .

They claim that when people are “sitting silently without doing anything”, as If proceeding meditation, the flows of Fire energy ad Water energy will be in reversed directions. I en Here energy AT Heart wall De pumped onward to ten Lower Laxer Held located at the abdomen. The energy will be recycled and converted into a particular form which can go into general circulation via various energy pathways. In a similar way, the Water energy of Kidneys will be flown upward to head for refinement through the Central and Governing channels 1 .

Based on Taoist’ understanding and comprehension on mentality and spirituality, such transformation of energies from heart and kidneys allows the mind of willpower to impose a soothing and calming effect on the mind of emotion 1 . Benefits and effects According to some scientific research, meditation is capable of contributing to physiological and psychological health of a person It can be attained through channeling the pattern of brainwaves into an alpha state, which is a desirable consciousness level to catalyst the healing process 1,6.

Subsequent biological reflections can be indicated as a general decrement in various biochemical and physiological markers (indicators), including reduced stress hormones (such as plasma cortical), reduced frequency of heartbeat and reduced rate of respiration. The person carrying out the meditation will attain a profoundly resting state. His brain, as well as his mind, will enter into a condition with restful alertness 1,6.

When the meditation process is completed, he will probably get faster body reactions, wider comprehension and greater creativity, based on medical studies. The above-aforementioned body observations can be explained by the following surprising discovery: meditation can lead to fall in metabolism and slowing down the nervous system activity. At the very beginning of meditation, the rate of oxygen consumption of mediator can drop swiftly up to 20% lower than the standard level 1 . This overall rate of oxygen consumption is even lower than that measured during sleeping.

To be more precise and concrete, mediator will take approximately 2 breaths fewer per minute. The total breathing volume will decrease by about 100 com per minute 1 . Since oxygen is one of the indispensable raw materials for cellular respiration which contributes to metabolism, reduction in oxygen consumption rate indicates a lower metabolic rate. As expected, the frequency and magnitude of heartbeat of mediator are found to become smaller in consistency with lower metabolic rate.

Therefore, along with the progress of meditation, the blood pressure of mediator will be gradually dropping and keeping at low levels, compared to the initial blood pressure measured at the early stage of meditation 1. Under the influence of meditation, the activity of nervous system seems to decelerate. The functioning of parasympathetic nerves from autonomic nervous system is discovered to predominate over that of sympathetic nerves 1,6. This finding can be used for explaining why mediator will feel calming during meditation and clear-headed after mediation .

Evidently supported by many recent sounding research and reports, meditative quenches now commence being applied in enhancement and reinforcement of Immune Tunneling In patients suffering AIDS or cancers 1 . Moreover, Malta together with neurological feedback mechanisms, is now utilized to restore standard brain rhythms and functions, and to normalize the chemical understanding in addictive conditions, such as drug addiction 1,6. Many patients learn and try using meditative techniques to self-regulate own emotional problems such as namely anxiety, and to manage and deal with stress and tension.

It helps patients to seize and sustain the essence of high level health and wellness Besides, more and ore psychotherapists and physicians are gradually adopting meditative techniques to be a part of their professional practice. Statistically speaking, there are more than 6 thousand doctors in this world who have already started practicing Transcendental Meditation and recommended this mediation technique to their own patients 1 . In some of their practices, meditation is seemingly regarded as one of the vital elementary factors of their designed integrated therapy treatments.

Physiological effects The deep-resting state of meditation can give a path to reduced metabolic rate, creased heartbeat frequency and lowered blood pressure All these physiological changes can significantly lessen the workload of the heart, thus drastically cutting back on the chance to suffer cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Decrement in levels of cortical and lactate (a biochemical product from metabolism), and increment in serotonin (a neurotransmitter in central nervous system) brought by meditation can cooperate in hand to relieve the stressful and depressive emotion, which then renders body skin greater resistance 1 .

Lower skin resistance is positively related to high levels of stress and anxiety. Being the prime frontline physical protective barrier, skin with higher resistance becomes less subject to microbial invasion and infection. It plays a role in enhancing human immune system against pathogens 1 . Also, through the practice of meditation, the level of free radicals within our body can be reduced 1,2. Radicals are instabilities oxidant molecules which can give rise to cell and tissue damage. They are believed to be the major chemical substance causing aging problem and other diseases.

Along with this sense, having a habit of regular meditation can make the body radicals keep at low level. It can result in monger biological age. According to standardized measures and determination of aging, people with long-term practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) are measured twelve years younger, compared with their own chronological age 1 Besides, TM can probably prolong mediator’s life expectancy. A linkage between practice of TM training and occurrence of long life has been proved 1.

Two main factors, including energy input restriction and lower body temperature, are scientifically verified to lengthen life span, resulting in longevity. Mediation is attested to lowering the mediator’s body core temperature 1 . Deep relaxation through meditation helps patients with cancers or other chronic illnesses to work out the ways to cope with their sickness and continue with their lives. In Australia, tenure Is a psychoanalyst, called DRP. Allendale Mares 1, conducting a mediation experiment on cancer patients and obtaining a meaningful result.

He focused and studied about seventy cancer patients who attended twenty or more intensive meditation sessions, and found out that almost half of them were able to experience momentous cutbacks in depression, nervousness and anxiety. They were also observed to feel less painful and uncomfortable. Derived from the experimental analysis, the patients were expected to have an approximate 10 % chance of retarding the growth rate of the tumor, and an estimated 50 % chance of improving the life quality 1.

Meditation may partially solve the problem of infertility among some couples. Those husbands and wives with headaches of infertility might feel dispirited, anxious and sad. With a view to pushing down this hurdle for them, a famous psychologist at Mind/Body Medical Institute, named Alice D. Dammar 1, taught the meditative relaxation method to some infertile couples. In comparison with those infertile peoples who had not learnt the deep relaxation, the meditating couples came up with relatively less tension and agony. They appeared to be more likely to have babies 1 .

It infers that mediation treatment can effectually clear up a part of impediment to physiological infertility. Medical research done at DRP. Kebab-Zion’s clinic 1 illustrates that meditation can ease the physical seriousness of isocratic disease and lower the risk of having respiratory crises. Psoriasis refers to a health condition in which scaly red patches spreading on the skin surface. It is medically validated that mediation, combined with the effect of tankard medical therapy, can help patients to clear up the red skin patches in a more rapid manner 1 .

Respiratory crises involve the problems of breathing difficulties and risk of suffocation caused by chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, emphysema and bronchitis. All these respiratory illnesses can result in unbearable wheezing and even death. Learning meditative breathing can smooth their ventilation process, exerting a soothing comforting influence on patients’ breathing and pulmonary systems 1. It helps progressively alleviating the severity and discomfort of such chronic breathing problems. Psychological effects Meditation can reinforce and consolidate brain wave harmony and consistency 1,6.

There is an affirmative association between brain wave coherence and humans intellective ability. Harmonious activity of brain wave in various regions of the brain is found to link with higher intelligence quotient (Q), upgraded creativity as well as ameliorated moral reasoning 1,2,5. Furthermore, the learning ability and memory can be improved. Meditation practitioners can also raise their personal concentrative capacity and advance the strengths of their mindfulness and mentality 1,2,5. The hanged in levels of cortical, lactate and serotonin can emotionally alleviate the anxiety and avoid depression.

It helps to prevent psychological irritability and fluctuating moodiness 1 . With the influence of meditation, mediators can achieve the sense AT meaning Tort Tie Ana nonce, Increase ten sell-actualization. I nee can earlier the belief of vitality and undergo a substantial rejuvenation. The feeling of happiness and emotional stability will follow up. Practitioners can eventually attain a mental state with full, deep relaxation and extensive perception of wellbeing 1,2. According to some experts on meditation research, namely DRP.

Broken and Deja Napier, the founder of the Insight Meditation Center 1, they pinpoints that meditation can effectively help in dealing with our unhappy memories and guiding us to enjoy new life. Mediation might cause initial re-appearance of those suppressed screen memories which are then resolved by a subsequent and gradual breakdown. The affected mediators (patients) will have a sudden blooming of all past traumas in mind, such as the miserable episodes of childhood abuse and sexual harassment 1 . Perhaps, they will be temporarily become nervous and anxious about those wretched reminiscences.

However, after those mental wounds are healed through mediation exercising, the recovered patients will have learnt how to forgive and forget. It is helpful for them to establish and enhance self-confidence and self-esteem 1 . After that, they can seize the skill to handle the anxieties and terrors from death, paving the way to a world filled up with happiness and fearlessness for themselves. Mediation can aid in solving the problems of depression and panic attacks 1,2,5. In general, emotionally depressive people usually have the psychological syndromes of being helpless, hopeless and isolated.

Numerous studies show that mediation is capable of leading to improvement on the depressed conditions. The depressed patients are enlightened how to pick up their self-acceptance again, and how to re- connect and melt themselves into their community. They can be mentally renovated to believe and agree that they are not given up or neglected by others. Rather, they are substantially belonging to and being one of the members of their societies 1. In ordinary cases of panic attacks, the sufferers may always keep on believing that they themselves, sometimes together with their families, are destined to come across retain terrible misfortunes.

They are usually treated with the use of medicine to mitigate their worrying sentiments. Recently, Jon Kebab-Zion 1, associate professor of medicine at University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester and director of medical center’s Stress Reduction Clinic, has discovered that when the panic attack- suffering patients elicit concentrative, meditative breathing upon having the feeling of initial signals of a gloomy incident, they will become less possibly to breed a full- scale panic attack 1. Spiritual effects Regular, deep training and practice of meditation greatly benefits and strengthens he spiritual side of practitioners 1,2.

It acts as a means to get familiar with and augment the scope and dimension of life. Practitioners can be self-enlightened to enter into realm of spirituality, reaching the states of intrinsic Joyfulness, inner peace and greater compassionate intuition. Consequently, they might successfully seek out Ana experience ten power AT sell-Knowledge, sell-awareness, sell-acceptance Ana self-regulation All these self-improvements can serve as a stepping stone on the path towards better personal growth and spiritual goal achievement.

They will enrich riveter spiritual wellbeing and welfare, becoming non-materially wholesome, mentally constructive and healthy 1,2. In this way, their potential mental afflictions and negative thinking could therefore be minimized or even eradicated. Positively guided by the inner spirituality, they will gradually modify their behaviors and become gentle, quiet and calm. Their body actions and speech will be polished accordingly. These external alterations will surely bring about an exhilarating betterment of life quality 1,2. Conclusion Mediation has possessed an extraordinary long history ever since the ancestral times.

Although mediation is a slowly progressive mental training, it can give rise to unbelievably effective outcomes at physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects. It derives a great deal of proof and evidence from various scientific research and medical studies. It is worthwhile to spend time on mediation training to embody its essence and to explore its usefulness. Meditation can let us temporarily forget and escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, and lead us into another world without any entanglement or harassment. It can serve as an excellent tonic to our mind with wonderful relaxation effects.