A best friend can be defined as many things for different people. In my speech I will talk about the qualities I think a best friend should posses. The reason I chose this topic is because of the experiences I have encountered with friends I thought were best friends ,but were truly only using me. The characteristics I look for in a friend are : cheerfulness, loyalty , humor, openness, oppositeness ,and love. Cheerfulness is important because if your feeling down a friend could cheer you up and encourage you.

Loyalty ,because you need someone you can count on and be able to express your feelings or tell them anything without worrying about others knowing. Humor because life would be Just plain boring without any laughs on the way. Openness because I would want to be able to share anything with them and they could share some of their past experiences with me and help me through whatever it may be. Appositives because you want someone who will trust you and encourage you not doubt you and look on the bad side of things.

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Love because you want someone to eve you a big hug you when you are feeling under the weather or Just going through the sad and hurtful side’s life. I hope this speech Inspired you to think about who your true friends really are. You can sometimes have naggers as friends. But its dangerous because naggers get lunched and you might get lunched too. Its good to carry a gun to shoot banners and spice. You never know when they are going to try to rob you. Adrian Peterson Is a friend because he Is the best ever. Him and kobo Bryant are my favorite people In the world. I love them so much