Women of Sand and Myrrh Is a novel written about the four main characters ( Such, Tama, Nor, and Suzanne) where they give their respective of their life on the modern society in the Middle East. This book focuses mainly on issues present in today’s society such as differing gender roles, culture, religion, class distinctions and materialism vs.. Romanticism In the movie beyond borders feminists had various perspectives and approaches regarding their lifestyle. Feminists were treated different than men and were not given the same rights as men.

For example, public employment is restricted to women so that inspectors wouldn’t spot them. If a woman was caught working In a public facility she would be carried out by government officials. For that reason Feminists started their empowerment attempts, which included insisting and speaking up on certain things, and learning self defense mechanisms such as karate. It was stated by one of the feminists that women are seen either as a good woman or a bad woman a “version or a slut”.

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For that reason, some Feminists insisted on being recognized by one name. Arabic women writers Insist that they all be seen as writers, not women writers or feminists or any other category they would fall under, they strictly Insisted to be called and seen as writers. Furthermore, feminists were earning self defense mechanisms such as karate to help them defend them selves incase they are threatened or abused. In the novel Women of Sand and Myrrh one of the mall themes discussed Is differing gender roles and gender injustice.

Within that theme there are many topics discussed such as Men vs.. Women, use and/or abuse of power in a relationship, Freedom vs.. Restraint, and the desire for women to be treated better. Such Tama, Nor, and Suzanne are the mall characters In this novel, In which each had experienced one or more of these topics. Suzanne is one of the main women in this novel. She developed a fragile identity because she was scared of being destroyed. She became the only women who enjoyed the Middle Eastern ways of living because of the freedom of marriage.

In Suzanne narrative, gender injustice shows when she got involved with an Arab man who calls her “Marylyn Monroe” of the desert. This man shows gender injustice in ‘OFF many ways. Hrs, Day calculus near AT Delve oversexed Decease seen salad Tanat seen enjoys sexual activity, second, by thinking and assuming that because he is the man that means that he has the final word on their relationship, third, by saying to her god created you to bear children, and give pleasure to man, and that’s all” pig 210 he then compares women to a factory “god created women to make children like a factory’ pig 210.

He later states some nonsense about women being unclean, when they are on their menstrual cycle. As you can see, this Arab man is ignorant, and knows nothing about Islam. Such is another one of the main women in this novel. She chose to live a restricted life in the desert because she sees the restrictions differently. She feels as if she has more of an identity because there are less people in the desert and everyone is milliamp by one another. She is well known, and enjoys the attention she is receiving.

She starts out her narrative by saying that she was hiding because she was a woman, and she’s not allowed to work. Which is one of the main gender injustice’s practiced in this novel. Another thing that is considered a gender injustice in some countries is having more than one wife. Such considered becoming a second wife to her lover, who is an alcoholic. Sex becomes her downfall; if she was exposed she would be deported by the officials conducting this surveillance. However, The Quern states that man can have three wives, if they are all treated the same.

Even though, it is considered unfair for some women to have a husband married to other women, most of the Middle East practices Islam, in which its stated that its k if all the women are treated the same by the man. Tama is another one of the main women in this novel. She experiences much of the gender injustice because she is locked up by her brother in a house as if she is on house arrest. Her brother is over protective of her and doesn’t want her to have contact with men in the outside world.

He feels that because he is a man, he has the right to overthrow her rights and keep her locked in the house for protection. However she has some freedom, as long as Arab men find her attractive, she doesn’t wear restrictive clothing. She enjoys movement. It makes her feels like she is the only woman in the world with all the attention Nor is the last main woman character in this novel. Her husband Sales looks at her as a helper or companion who will help him ease his dilemma. He put hope in her to mediate and help him deal with the opposite spectrum ways of life.

However his desire is to maintain a masculine self interest in his relationships. His masculine self interest is considered gender injustice because, he sees himself as a higher person than his wife because he is a man. Both Ash’s husband Basses and Norm’s husband Sales Are educated wealthy men, and have the idea that if they continue having a masculine self interest that the women will become tied to them if not in reality, within their society. The abused women formed a mentality that when a women begins to adapt to her situation her abuser will start to loosen up

In conclusion, Both Women of Sand and Myrrh and Beyond Borders show gender Injustices In ten way women are treated. As you can see, all ten women In Women of Sand and Myrrh share one thing in common which is they enjoy attention. Also, all the men in Women of Sand and Myrrh share one thing in common which is being at a higher power than the woman. Gender injustice is practiced in Both Women of Sand and Myrrh and Beyond Borders in many ways such as women being abused by men, women not being allowed to work in public places, women not having a final say, and women being locked up and treated as slaves.