BIG FISH MOVIE REVIEW Big Fish is the loving story of a father and son, but is really more about the stories within the story. The director Tim Burton is very much like Edward Bloom, the main character, in that both have storytelling personalities. I feel that this film was a perfect example of how imagination can change our lives, both with ourselves and with others. The account of Edward Bloom’s life, played by Ewan McGregor in his early life and then by Albert Finney in his later years, is a story that describes the relationship between parent and child.

William believes that his father Edward has used his exaggerated stories as a way to not show his true character. After he takes the stage at Will’s wedding talking about the capture of a big fish, Will stops all communication with his dad and moves far away with his wife to become a journalist. When he finds out that his father is dying, he comes home to try one last time to feel like he knows his father. This is when Edward tells the stories from his past.

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He leaves his home to search for adventure and ends up finding a giant, a witch, and a town where no one wears shoes. At this point in the movie, there are stories within stories. So many exciting and crazy stories are told by Edward Bloom, and that is what Big Fish is all about. It is a very simple story about a regular person’s life, but what makes it so great is that it can be made into anything. Storytelling is what makes us who we are, and it is through those stories that people find out more.

In Big Fish, besides the main story of the conflicts between father and son, there are also many past tales told by Edward to show his son that he’s the man he always has been. There are multiple themes in this fantasy film. Throughout the flashbacks, the movie uses the metaphor of “a big fish in a small pond” to describe Edward as a young man. He made such a large impact on everyone that he saw through his adventure in life, whether they were co-workers, customers, or just people that he met in the small towns.

I believe that this theme means Ed Bloom had such an ambition to do what he needed to do that his feeling influenced so many other people, making him “a big fish in a small pond”. It shows in Big Fish that anyone can make a difference and play a role in the lives of the people around them. The overall mood of this movie and what it can teach us about life and love is so important. This is a perfect movie for anyone, children and adults, because the emotional reaction and interpretation is what is very amazing.

Big Fish is an encouraging movie, because of the fact that it contains a great story and great acting. It manages to make us all feel good after watching it, but this is only with the help of special effects and huge costs. The movie is very entertaining throughout it all, despite that it has a slow-moving plot. The views of the settings and towns play a large role to the greatness of Big Fish, but it is the love of the stories that entertains, especially when it all comes together in an emotional conclusion.