I could see them coming down the street on their skateboards. They were big, mean and ugly. They were the neighborhood bullies. I was new to the neighborhood, so naturally I was the one they picked on. They skated by and stopped at the edge of the sidewalk were I was playing with my Gamey. They left their skateboards on the sidewalk and walked toward me. Before I knew It I was being picked up by my underwear and held high above the ground. Due to the severe pain I dropped my Gamey; they picked it up, and then said ‘Were big and you’re not. ” They walked back to their skateboards and skated off.

As I walked back toward the house I tried to fix my ripped underwear. As I was walking back I noticed a big ant hill In the middle of our lawn. In my anger I went and got the hose, and flooded out the ant hill. I went Inside and went straight up to my room. Later that night, at the dinner table my parents Informed me and my sister that they would be going on vacation. It was there anniversary and they were planning on going to Mexico. They told us that our grandma was coming to stay with us for the week. Angered that my parents were Just leaving us I stormed up to my room. That night I did not get much sleep.

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I kept thinking about the two bullies and how with my parents gone I would be picked on nonstop. The next morning I woke up and went down stairs to see that my parents had already started packing everything in the car. I went to the kitchen to have some cereal and watch TV. Eventually my parents got everything packed into the car. My grandma showed up and off my parents went. As soon as my parents were gone my grandma went inside and went to sleep. As I scanned the grass I noticed that the ant hill I had destroyed the previous day was back. I went over and kicked it, sending ants lying through the air.

There is nothing you can do about it ants I’m big and your small. After smashing it down I went inside and watched TV with my sister. That night I went to bed early because I was feeling tired. That night my dreams were really weird, everything seemed to be swirling about. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating and panting in the darkness. I decided to go and get a glass of water. I stretched out my arms and legs and hopped out of bed only to find that I was still on the bed. I stood up trying to see something. All I could see was darkness, I started leaning around for the wall or pillow or something.

I decided that the best thing to do would be to stay put until I could see something. I sat on my bed until the sun finally started to rise. I could now start to see very large shapes and outlines. As my eyes adjusted I started to notice that my bed and surroundings were all bigger than they were the day before. As it got brighter I could now see everything. I was standing on my bed which seemed to go on for miles. I turned around to see my pillow tower high above me. I looked around wondering what I should do. I decided to run to the end of he bed. When I reached the end I used the sheets to swing myself down to the floor.

When I reached the floor I could hear whispers and noises. I could hear something coming from under my bed. I walked over to see what It was. Under the bed was dark and cold, I decided not to go under It and turned back around. All of a sudden I was grabbed and pulled under the bed. I fought myself free and ran back Into the light. I looked behind me to see two ants approaching me. I ran as fast as I could but my two legs could not compete Walt n tenet SIX. I nee soon gaunt up Walt me Ana Carlen me off. They carried me back underneath the bed and then all I saw was black.

I woke back up to see they were carrying me toward a very large hill. I soon notice that we were walking through the grass in my front lawn. We reached the top of the ant hill; I looked down into a hole which seemed to go on forever. An ant pushed me and I slid down the hole which reminded me of a big waterside. After about two minutes I landed hard on the ground. I got up and ran trying to escape and hide. I ran behind a mound of dirt and sat behind it to regain my breath. I soon heard voices, people talking to each other. Exited, I came out from behind the dirt to see who was there.

When I rounded the corner I was face to face with an ant. It screamed and ran off with the other ant in horror. Soon enough two other ants rounded the corner and grabbed me by the arms and started dragging me off. As I was being carried I noticed thousands of ants staring at me as I was dragged by them. They took me before there queen and all went silent. She than spoke “So you are the Destroyer, I have heard so much about you”. Wait… You can talk? “Why, you though humans were the only ones capable of speech. ” Well I never Hough that ants could speak the same as humans do. There is a lot you probably don’t know about us. ” As I stood there in shock that I was actually speaking with an ant, other ants started yelling out “Kill the destroyer. ” I started to worry, after all it was me that flooded there ant hill and it was me that kicked it and smashed them. I have to get back to my family. Let me go. “Where will you go? ” the queen asked. Muff are small and your family won’t recognize you” I had not thought about that, now that I was this size even if I did escape how I was supposed to get back to my house and let someone know hat had happened. IOW will stay and work with us to rebuild the colony. ” She explained. Noticing I had no choice I agreed. The next morning I woke up and thought what an awful dream. I scratched my eyes and then noticed that it was not a dream. I was laying on what seemed to be a small leaf. I looked around to see that I was surrounded by ants. They were all staring at me with curious faces. I got up and asked them where I could go to the bathroom they all ran away frightened. I walked trying to find my way in a maze of dirt. Soon I came across an ant sitting on a rock eating something disgusting.

Hey aren’t you the destroyer? ” he asked. Yeah that’s me. Mien I thought so. ” He said You’re not afraid of me? “Why should I” he said. Mire’s no bigger than I am now. ” I talked with him for a long time, I found out that he was an ex soldier who now was a gatherer. I found out that a gatherer goes out each day and brings back supplies to be used for the colony. He told me stories of how he had traveled to far places like the black desert where the giant cans cross. I didn’t want to break his spirits and let him know it was Just the road, and that they were cars not giant cans.

I decided that I would Join him on his gathering expeditions from now on. After a few times out, I decided I wanted to go out on my own. I would go and find materials and bring them back to the colony. I rolled out of bed and fell to the floor I stood up and sat on the bed. I yawned and stretched out my arms. I looked around my room and then sat back down on my bed. I Trace myself to get up. I went to ten Dominator Ana teen got arouses. I graded my bag and then I was off. Another big day in the colony was ahead of me, it was getting close to winter and we really needed to stock up on supplies.