The Influence and Ideologies of Longs Hughes Longs Hughes appeared to refuse to conform to white art. It seems hypocritical to advocate equality and social Justice as well as brotherhood and love, when you refuse to see another way of doing things. For example, much of Longs Hughes poetry is written about the hardships of African American people. By refusing to see how the other half lives, he is alienating a whole other population and doing exactly what he rebukes in his work. Much of Hughes poetry mimics the smooth rhythms of Jazz and lees. The Weary Blues,” for example, mimics the slow rhythm that is normal seen in blues music. The reader can almost hear the piano and the singer “droning a drowsy syncopated tune. ” (Anesthesia) Although today we most likely would not be able to recognize the song within the poem, maybe people during the Harlem Renaissance could, encouraging audience participation during a recitation of the poem. (Tab) Longs Hughes helped to bring on a much needed social change to America. His contributions helped show white Americans the beauty in being Black.

His unyielding eve for the black community is thoroughly depicting throughout his literary works. His experiences during such a tumultuous time, first WWW the Great depression never lowered his spirits, and his encouraging words and brave depiction of a better future helped bring hope to Americans. His poetry helped to define an era, with Its distinguished characteristics of Jazz and blues, Hughes helped show the world the beauty of a purely African American music. While other felt them seedy, Longs Hughes respected the black community, which Is why we will always remember the legacy he left to the world.

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