The good thing about obesity is that the condition can be reversed through proper dieting as well as medicinal prescription. Proper diet and exercise are the most essential ways of dealing with obesity and diabetic related problems. For small children, changes in lifestyles may have a greater impact in managing and getting rid of the problem. Children need to be aided in making good choices about their health and thus parents bear the responsibility to make the right choices for their kids.

The vending machines should be discouraged from our schools as they provide the kids with unhealthy choices in the name of snacks. Children should be encouraged to use fruits as their snack. In addition, there is need for physical education to be encouraged in our school so as the children shall be able to expend any excess calories (Galmer, p 130). Kids that have diabetic problem in most cases require insulin treatment. A well prescribed insulin dosage is essential depending on the age and blood sugar levels in the kids.

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Upon diagnosis, small quantities of insulin are administered which increases with the age. For type 2 diabetes, there are various treatments aimed at prevailing over the body’s resistance to insulin (Women Health Resource, para 11). Conclusion: It is the responsibility of parents, guardians and teachers to help the children in coping up with the obese and diabetic conditions. Parents and guardians in particular bear the most responsibility and should actively participate in helping the children address the health condition by making the necessary changes in the child’s lifestyle.

Parents and guardians alike should therefore do anything possible to prevent their children from the harm of threatening lifelong conditions such as diabetes. They therefore have to develop a weight-loss program for their kids and consult a physician to discuss the matter. Work Cited: Collins, Anne. Causes of Childhood Obesity. 2007. Retrieved on 4th May 2010 from; http://www. annecollins. com/child-obesity-causes. htm Galmer, Andrew. Diabetes. 2008. ISBN: 978-0-313-34257-8. Women Health Resource. Children with Diabetes. 2009. Retrieved on 4th May 2010 from; http://www. wdxcyber. com/children_diabetes. html