Market penetration Jumbo Kingdom could use market penetration to push excellent products to sell more In the current market by an Increase In advertisement. For example, around Lunar New Year and Mother’s or Father’s day, festivals which people want a family gathering dinner, Jumbo Kingdom want to attract more costumers so they would offer discount and a themed set menu to costumers, they also hold a small show that can make customers have a great festival atmosphere.

Jumbo Kingdom’s popularity also because they have involved in a famous movie, and that advertise the restaurant. Market Development Jumbo Kingdom could introduce an already existing product into a new market by being unique location. Jumbo Kingdom are known for their extravagant surroundings and a unique situation— Harbor.

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In addition, Jumbo Kingdom has offer a free service for costumer that is to board ferry from the pier to the restaurant,that also make customers feel so special. Product Development Jumbo Kingdom could introduce a new product to existing market by having a varied range of menus. Unlike other Chinese restaurant, not Just only selling dim sum, but also seafood and some western foods that can attract wide range of customers.