Whether your hanging out with friends or at school In class body language Is easy to detect and we sometimes use it ourselves without knowing it. Throughout the weekend I observed my friends and others around me, and watched their body language and how they responded to certain solutions. WhIle In Monroe at the mall I watched how men that would try and get a female’s attention would slightly grab their hand or softly touch their hand without even grabbing it, and most of the time they received a positive response. The woman would smile or laugh or even jerk their dead back in a playful kind of way.

One girl I was observing was looking at a boy with her hand on her hips and her head tilted to the side. Showing that she was trying to flirt with him or get his attention without verbally saying anything. The fact that she continued to keep eye contact showed that she was very interested in the boy in front of her and what he had to say. I also noticed there that If someone would look at me and I would look back they would quickly turn their head or even their bodies to make It seem like they were never looking In the first place. If I continued to look at them they would become nervous and began to shake their leg or tap their foot.

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I used most of my time to observe people and their body language using their head and neck. Head movements are one of most often used body languages. When someone feels uncomfortable in a situation or they were bored they hung their head but when they heard something interesting they would lift their head or tilt it to the side. When in agreement people tend to nod their head, they also do this when they approve of something. Also rotator of the head can mean that the person is bored or f they turn their head away that can mean that the person is not interested or the don’t want to be bothered or talked to.

I also decided to put a spin on my observation by giving off body language myself and seeing how the people around me reacted to It. While myself and one of my friends were talking she told me something and I responded by folding my arms. Without saying anything she assumed that I thought she was lying because I reacted to what she said by crossing my arms. Folding of the arms usually indicates that the person Tanning teem Is truly to put up a unscrupulous Drawler Detente themselves ND others, but in this situation folding arms gave off a different signal.

She then began telling me a story that apparently made her angry, while she was telling the story she was moving her hands and rolling her neck, a sign that she was not happy about what she was telling me. I then tested the guys a little. Men would approach me and I would use different body languages to give off different signals. When I wanted to show interest I would make and keep eye contact. I would also tilt my head playfully and raise my eyebrows a bit to flirt. But when I wanted to show disinterest I loud hardly keep contact and even turn my head to show that I didn’t want to talk or be bothered.

I once even turned my whole body away from him to show him that his conversation was the least of my interests. Reading or interpreting body language incorrectly can result in misunderstandings or misinterpretations. It accounts for most of communication and understanding body language can will help you learn to learn how to communicate more effectively. In our daily lives we use body language and we will continue to use body language to communicate for the rest of our lives.