Body size and shape Is a controversy subject In all cultures. Large-size Is acceptable in some places around the world but the others would prefer the small size. We all have that idea “fat” means ugly, health issues and wrong habits of eating but that’s defiantly not true according to the chapter 4 some societies consider large women attractive and see their fat as an evidence of prosperity (The Beauty Ideal, 189).

Also in the website Health At Every Size that there is myth about fat kills and I tote ” On average, “overweight” people live longer than ” normal” weight people”. So fat Is not that big issue that society sees It, It’s more about beauty and health. Another thing the chapter mentioned that both men and women had to go through cosmetic surgeries to change their body shape, women to be more appealing and men to be more competitive in market place. On the other hand, Health at Every Size encourages accepting the real shape of our bodies and respecting the nature way it is.

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However, the media affected women and the body shapes that shown in the TV’s or movies or anywhere else I have friends that searching for ways to be Just Like the women In the media, they follow certain types of sports and eat food that they believe can shape their bodies, and they seem to be obsess to look like the body they see (Greenwood & Deal Cine) 3- Eating disorders mostly known in females because they have physiological issues to be fit and shape their bodies to be slim.

This start when they feel they are fat or over thinking about the shape that they have to be. In the article “The Perfect Pantomime” written by Mime Lulu she tell her story with eating disorders o look like “empty spoon”. She stopped eating meat and work a lot without having Tuna “tens relentless Pensacola punishment Ana permanently crippler my ruling ankle”.

Finally she knew that she was in wrong path and starving her body make no sense. When she got married her husband helped her to overcome the eating disorders. Lie realized after her therapy that imperfection is part of being human. I agree with here no body is perfect and we wish to look in some ways that other people could like us, but not in our body benefits, and ignore our health. (lie,2009)