The Lightning Thief was about a young man that had a lot of potential but hasn’t discovered it yet. Percy Jackson was kicked out of countless amount of schools for his actions, leading his loving mother to send him to Handy Academy unwillingly. He later became aware that he was a son of one the Greek Gods. He trained all summer break at Camp Half Blood, meeting kids like him. Percy was falsely convicted for stealing Zeus Lightning Bolt, and is doing his very best to return the Lightning Bolt in exchange for saving his mother, Rick

Radian’s style of writing was very Informal, and the structure were decent. The complexity and the word choice of the sentences were very creative and original like the following sentence. Me watched the body of the hellholes melt into shadow, soaking into the ground until it disappeared. ” (Page 37) Percy Jackson was a major character in The Lightning Thief because he was accused of stealing Zeus Master Bolt. Grover was a static character in the book because no matter what he tried to protect Percy from danger.

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The novel contained a lot of imagery such as In the following quote “The warm alarm from above smelled Like mellow and rottener and something else… A smell I remembered in biology class. ” (Page 139) I loved reading this book because I Just enjoy reading about Greek Mythology. The writing quality by Rick Ordain was perfect and it was very easy to interpret, when reading this book I can visually Imagine what was going on in my mind. The Lightning Thief is highly recommended to the the age of twelve to the age of fourteen. Repose of this book is to inform kids that everyone has a role to play in society. Percy very best to return the Lightning Bolt in exchange for saving his mother.