I thought of a simple procedure that people, like movies stars, singers, rich people, and self-conscious people went, and had done to get rid of a few wrinkles. I did not think anything could go wrong. Then my aunt decided to have BOTTOM done for a few unwanted wrinkles. She ended p in the hospital for about three weeks because she failed to ask any questions on whether or not the doctor was trained well enough to be doing the procedure or what was in the medicine. Some people tend not to want to find what they are putting in their bodies.

That is what I am going to discuss. I am going to tell what is in BOTTOM, how it is given, what it does when given, why people get BOTTOM, the side effects of BOTTOM some of the other effects that could happen besides the normal side effects, some of the law suites out against Bottom, and some other alternatives to Bottom to get rid of wrinkles. One of the major questions people should find before they have this procedure done Is what are they getting Injected Into their bodies. The mall Ingredient Is something called botulism toxin A.

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The toxin is suppose to be a protein but after I looked, further onto what it was I found that it is acutely a type of poison. It is the same toxin that causes severe food poisoning. Bottom is given by an injection or also known as, a shot the shot is given into one or more muscles. The doctor is the one who decides what muscles need the injection. The shot is meant to block the message sent form the nerve to the muscle telling it to contract. It usually takes full effect within one or two weeks and can last about three to six months depending on how much is injected. The only question some people tend to ask is does it hurt.

The doctors and some people who have gotten It done say that it could cause some discomfort in the injection site. Some also say that it feels Like a sting or a pinch. People get Bottom for many different reasons, but, they get It to get rid of a few wrinkles so that they can look younger. That Is not how Bottom was originally meant to be used. It was acutely meant to take care of certain medical issues, such as uncontrollable blinking or continues closing of the eyelids, muscle spasms affecting one side of the face, some wrist and hand disabilities from the result of a stroke.

Bottom was even used for excessive sweating. Bottom was used for many more reasons also that I did not mention. It was not until the year 2000 that it was really getting used mainly for cosmetic reasons, but it had started a few years earlier it Just did not big until then. Bottom has grown to about one-third of the people getting Bottom are getting it for cosmetic reasons. As with any medicine, there are some side effects. There are supposed to be only a few common side effects such as, soreness or bruising where the shot was given.

People could even have a fever and a few flu-Like symptoms. Then they started seeing mom major side effects that doctors say are very uncommon and rare, such as difficulty or pain when swallowing foods, even some liquids could accidentally go into ten lungs when trying to swallow. People could also develop Irregular narrates; have heart attacks, or even seizures. That is not including what could happen if someone had an allergic reaction to the medicine, such as a rash, itching, swelling, and even breathing difficulty.

Another effect of Bottom that could happen is if the injection is not given correctly it could cause paralyses in nearby muscles and if this appends and a person gets an excessive amount it could even cause parlays in muscles that are not even close to the injection site. Even though the doctors say that these side effects are uncommon does not mean they could not happen and I for one would not want to take that chance especially not with how sever some of the side effects are. The side effects that are mentioned are not the only symptoms that someone could experience.

There are other symptoms could happen after a person gets Bottom, such as a person’s face could be paralyzed, someone could have different muscle anis and weaknesses, also burning or tingling in his or her arms and legs. Some of these symptoms could even be long-term. Law offices all over have websites and commercials up for if this kind of symptoms happen because it is a little more common than what the doctors had thought they would be. Many people are always thinking nothing could happen to them. It is Just a simple procedure.

They will get rid of a few wrinkles and be done with it, but that is not how it usually happens. There are people who have been seriously injured and even have died from this so-called simple procedure. There are a few law suites out because of Bottom such as back in July 2008 a Texas law office filed a law suit against the Bottom drug maker Allergic for 11 injuries and four deaths. In the law suit they are wanting to put a halt on promotion of “off label” use of the drug and are asking that the doctors who will be giving the injection to be better trained in how to give the injection and in the use of Bottom altogether .

When the four deaths happened the patients being treated for something that had not been approved by the FDA In short when the doctors done these procedures there had not been enough test done or anything done to prove that it was safe enough to be done. The 11 injuries where for cosmetic and claim that when they received the injection they experienced droopy eyelids, numbness, headaches, and even swallowing and breathing problems. When the company reported they would not say anything about the acutely law suit, they would only claim that Bottom has a good record and has had one for more than 20 years.

I say if they have had such a good record why in Just one lawsuit do, they have 1 5 different complaints. This was based on Just one current law suite there was many there. So far, the FDA is still evaluating reports of adverse reactions such as respiratory problems and deaths that have followed the use of Bottom. Most people do not think about the other alternatives there are to getting rid of wrinkles. Some natural ways people can keep their face from getting wrinkles without having to shot poison in their bodies.

To name a few ways people can simple Just De- stress their face by when they feel their face tensing up take a deep breath and let the muscles relax in the face and shoulders, they could even Just drink more water cause when the cells are hydrated they are more plump and healthy, or Just by wearing sun block or wide brimmed hat to keep the sun from burning the skin, and also make sure to moisturizer with a skin care product that has a natural component Tanat will soak Into ten silk easier.

Even some lotto’s are made spectrally to get roll AT wrinkles. These other alternatives can help without any major decisions having to be made. After all the things that I have read and found about Bottom, I would be scared to try it. I hope other people learn something from what I have said and take the incentive to try to find information on their own if they are planning to get Bottom done. Especially what the ingredients are and if the doctors is qualified enough to be doing the procedure.

I would also suggest that people only get Bottom done for acutely medical reasons not for vanity reasons. I know that people are not going to do this only for medical reasons so if they go to get it done I would suggest that they start slow to make sure there is not going to be any side effects. If someone does have, a few wrinkles they want to get rid of try the other oppositions first. They are cheaper more convent and probable work Just as well as Bottom.