This essay will discuss how people are affected by urban planning in the film along with the article “The Devastating Impact of Persistent Crime on Teens” by Chant Halley. Throughout the movie, viewers saw that Tree struggled his whole life with the hood. Every decision that he made would affect his life in a certain way. Living in the hood gave each kid their own temptations that were influenced by sex, drugs, and easy money. Tree was constantly tempted by sex with Brands while Doughy was tempted by drugs and money to live the “hustler lifestyle. Being eased in Compton influenced each kids life In deferent ways. A majority of the kids ended up getting Involved with gang related Issues while other kids knew that they wanted a better life and needed to leave the hood. Ever since the boys were young, they were involved in crime and grew up around drugs and gangs. Doughy and Chris were arrested when they were just kids for stealing, and they still did not learn their lesson when they were released from prison. Chant Halley states “teens become bored and turn to risky behavior like selling drugs,” (Halley).

Most of the boys anted the easy way out; easy money was earned by selling drugs and all the boys laughed at Tree when his father said he would give him five dollars for raking the leaves. The boys found that funny because they knew that they could make a lot more cash from selling and doing less work. Luckily for Tree, he had a good influence in his life, which is what the other boys were lacking. Everyone needs a role model in life to look up to. A role model can be a mother, father, celebrity, or even a superhero.

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A positive influence in one’s life can make a huge deference on the outcome of a arson’s future. Tree was fortunate enough to have his dad, Furious. Furious had strong feelings on what was right and what was wrong; he wanted to lead Tree Into the right direction. Furious would give Tree lectures on life in hopes to teach him that there is more to life than being in the hood and becoming like his friends. The lectures that Tree received helped make him a better man; he ended up getting a Job at a store to help buy him buy nice clothes and he ended up attending college and leaving the hood.

Tree learned about respect and discipline because of his father. The other boys In the neighborhood did not have anyone to look up to, which is why most of them got Involved with the gangs. Furious tried to preach to the other boys but only got through to Risky and Tree. The more that Tree started to understand the life situations in the hood, the more determined he was to break out of it. Having a good role model in his life helped make his future better. Tree achieved his goal of going off to college and being with a good catholic girl while still having good morals in life.

It n y takes one person to change ten Tie Tort toners, Ana sadly ten toner Doss 010 not have that fortune that Tree did. Tree grew up as a good kid; he knew the difference between right and wrong thanks to his father. Sadly, living in Compton gave him no justice. When Tree and Risky were driving one night the cops pulled them over for no specific cause. The police believed that they were someone else and did not take Tree’s word for the situation. Although the cop was also an African American man, he was still talking down upon the boys as if they were scum Just because they lived in

Compton. He referred to them as “thugs” and other disrespectful words Just because he had a higher position than the boys. No matter how good of a person one is, the police always looked down upon the citizens of Compton. Also, due to the high amount of crime in these neighborhoods, the media never really talked about what was going on over there. The police never really took control and looked at the neighborhood as a Joke. When Furious called the cops because of the burglary in his home, it took the police about an hour Just to come down and check it out.

Crime is not taken seriously in the hood by the police because they find it to be normal to have shootings and fights. Chant Halley stated, muffing people described their lives as difficult because of the constant fear of being shot, stabbed, or killed,” (Halley). That being said, these neighborhoods could be safer if the law enforcements were tougher. The movie “Boozy n the Hood” was comprised of many issues, but the main issue demonstrated in the film was how one can survive as long as they are guided into the right direction.