For example come the end of the day around 2:30 1 feel almost like I’m Just starting to doze off and fall asleep. According to brain rule 7, it says that taking a nap may improve your productivity for the next days events. It also states that even so, the brain isn’t resting while it sleeps but is surprisingly active. And whether you get enough rest affects your mental agility the next day. Brain rule number 4 I’m sure many people can relate to because I don’t know how any times I have sat through a power point and didn’t pay attention.

I was more focused on what people were doing around me, or thinking about what I have planned for after school, or for the upcoming weekend. It states that people do not pay attention to boring things which couldn’t be more than true because I have experienced some boring things in my life whether it was a conversation I wasn’t interested in or a task that I have no interest in. I’m pretty sure many people have been in a conversation with another human being and wasn’t really paying attention o what they had to say and giving them the yea or nodding of the head response so it shows them that they think your listening.

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Sometimes have been In a conversation where I’m saying to myself, “wow I don’t care I Just want to be on my merry way and get this conversation over with. ” I have high expectations that everyone In this world has participated and can relate too 2 or more of these brain rules maybe not knowing they are even rules, but I have found that these 2 particular rules I have picked out, I have used and or participated In many times In my life sometimes dally.