When I was a child, I loved going for the cookie Jar before dinner, even though I was told “No. ” I can recall many adventures through “haunted caves” and dares to go and steal something from yard of the neighborhood “witch”. All of humanity at some point has felt this feeling: the urge to break away from what we know as right In order to give us a special thrill. College students do this through drinking and drugs, and as they grow Into adults do it through lying and cheating about what they are doing.

But what if the reasons they are doing these bad things are for a greater good? What if I am getting a cookie before dinner because I want to share it with my friend who never gets to eat cookies? On the other hand, what if my whole life revolves around getting a cookie every day? Throughout history, there have been countless criminals who have left their mark on the world. Some are remembered as ruthless psychopaths, and yet others are praised and honored for their crime. Why does this happen? What pushed these people, who appear no different from you or l, to commit these crimes?

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Since the beginning of time, people have been breaking bad. In fact, in the Bible’s story of Adam and Eve, it states that It s one of the first things humans ever did. The Garden of Eden was paradise. Adam and Eve had everything they needed to be happy. Cod gave them rule over all creation, all the food they wanted, and not to mention, the ability to run around naked and not be embarrassed. God gave them one rule: “Do not eat from the tree of life. ” One would wonder why they would ever break the rule and risk losing this paradise.

The reason lies in one theory to why humans break bad. Christianity and other religions all believe in some Satan, Devil, or negative energy that causes us to turn away from good and choose bad. In the story, Satan, in the form of a snake tempted Eve, by making her believe that if she ate from the tree of life, she would have knowledge like that of God. Eve’s paradise fell apart as she gave into her desire for the thrill of the unknown. She brought forth another human element of doing something wrong as well.

After she bit the apple, she went to her partner Adam, and told him of the knowledge he could gain by eating the fruit, and Adam reciprocated. Often times when we are afraid or want to rationalize rebellion, we seek out others to partake in whatever we are doing that is bad. As the story goes, Adam and Eve feel onto a harsh reality, and were faced with a disappointed God. Whether one chooses to believe this as the truth of creation or not, the tale speaks about many qualities of human nature. One of which is the desire to take a look into the unknown, even if it means leaving “paradise” behind.

Michael Vicki was an all-star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. He was a crowd favorite a role model to the children who watched him. In 2006, he gained a total salary of 8,401,980 million dollars (Michael). One might say Michael Vicki was in paradise. Why then in 2007 would he choose to take part in illegal dog fights? Much Like Adam and Eve, Vic’s paradise shattered and he was shunned away from his perfect reality, and his fans were disappointed. Superstars like Mike Vicki, and other celebrities are thrust Into the limelight, because of their superior talent or family name.

After hearing of secret life these celebrities live, one may explain their actions through John Emeriti Edward Delectation’s famous quote “”Power tents to corrupt, Ana solute power corrupts colossally. Great men are almost always bad men. ” The quote was written by a questioning catholic regarding Papal power, but holds true for anyone put in a position of power (Power). As mentioned before, Superstars either climb to the top or get their instantly because of some great talent or who they are, once they are at the top and have tasted the fruit from the tree, there is no climbing back down.

In an opinion article, a member of a website wrote an essay on why society cares so much about the lives of celebrities. “I’m sick of the media telling me about other people’s lives! Quite frankly, I could give a damn about King Kong poking Brittany Spears or about the alien that Tom Cruise found in his pants. I think that there is a lot more important stuff to report than that. It’s time that you people live your own life instead of wanting to be like celebrities”(Celebrities).

This writer is angry with how the rest of society feels about the media, and yet fails to realize his or her own hypocrisy by consuming his time in trying to deal with other people’s lives that are far beyond his or her control. In this way, it leads one to the conclusion of why celebrities, develop their need to break bad. Once they are at the top of the tree, all eyes fall upon them. Celebrities and “regular people” both exchange feelings of wanting to try life outside their garden. They keep each other in balance. Celebrities like Michael Vicki break bad because they are at the top.

And once they’re at the top, the only place to go… Is down! Because money is what causes ordinary people to become superstars, celebrities develop a fear that if aren’t making more money, that his or her life will begin to fall apart. In this way, celebrities will break bad because of a hidden anxiety of losing what they have, and clinging on to the one thing that has caused them to be at the comfortable place that they are today. I have formed this conclusion through my own thoughts and what I have observed about celebrities, but in this day and age everybody wants proof.

For that I dove into Barbara Oakley Evil Geneses find some true research on this topic. While reading this book I came across a section on Social Dominance and Control. It explained how when males climb the social ladder, their testosterone levels slip, whereas they fall down the ladder, their testosterone levels also fall. So perhaps ambition is simply an attempt, in those with certain biochemical predispositions, to self medicate. This would offer a neurological basis to the idea that, at least for those with the proper underlying genetics, that absolute power does ended corrupt absolutely (Oakley 238).

Close by Social Dominance was a disorder that goes hand and hand with it, and that is narcissistic personality disorder. This disorder consists of a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy. It has been found to be the highest inheritable disorder of all personality disorders (Oakley 244). With this new information; I find that the refrigerator of my mind has been stuffed with more food for thought! How much control do we really have over our bodies? If something microscopic is enough to make a person feel a instant need for admiration, then who is anyone to Judge the minds of celebrities?

All of these questions race around in my mind and confuse me, yet when I take a moment to clear my mind; the solution to this entire hubbub becomes quite clear. Celebrities and athletes are obviously in a higher place in society, because of something extraordinary they have done, continue to do, or is associated with them. I think everyone becomes a little narcissistic and feels a desire for admiration like that AT celebrates. Celebrates recognize tens tout tenet Tans surrounding teen, so much o, they will do what they need to, to keep life as comfortable as possible in order to not disappoint the people making their life worthwhile.

It may not be a concrete answer , nor Justify celebrities actions, but I feel if society opened up their mind to some of these things, there would be far less people in the world making ignorant claims and Judging the hearts of others. The crimes of someone like Michael Vicki, maybe lead a person to refer to him as a psychopath. Many people use the term as a synonym for crazy or extreme without fully understanding the real definition behind the word. For that real, researched definition I turn once again to Barbara Oakley.

She discusses how anti-social personality disorder, was once linked to psychopaths, but new research shows that ” if those with antisocial personality disorders were thought of as being at the bottom of the hole of the human race, psychopaths would form the subgroup that took out the shovel and kept digging” (Oakley 51). Psychopaths have a conscious so to say; they Just don’t act like they do. They are different because although they choose to do what they know to be wrong, they have no feeling of remorse or guilt from doing it. De Geeing was one the most terrifying psychopaths in history.

The star villains in films: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, and The Silence of the Lambs were created from the psychopathic life style of De Geeing. Until he was 39 years old, De Geeing helped run the family farm and lived under the rule of his mother. When she died Geeing collected the subsidies and was able to stop farming. The neighborhood viewed Geeing as a man who kept to himself and never caused any trouble (A & E). It is amazing to think of how extremely wrong that point of view was. De Geeing was a man fascinated with the female body. After his mother died, he was able to use his house to fulfill his every fantasy.

He began stealing the bodies of local woman from graves and using parts of them for “experiments. ” Gin’s fascination with the female body eventually led him to seek out fresher samples. His victims, usually women of his mother’s age, included 54-year old Mary Hogan, who disappeared from the tavern she ran in December 1954, and Bernice Worded, a woman in her late fifties who ran the local hardware store, who disappeared on the 16th November 1957. When the sheriff finally decided to investigate the lonely De Gin’s house, he saw before his eyes the most inhumane site a person could ever see.

The skins from ten human heads were found preserved, and another skin taken from the upper torso of a woman was rolled up on the floor. There was a belt fashioned from carved-off nipples, a chair upholstered in human skin, the crown of a skull used as a soup-bowl, lampshades covered in flesh pilled taut, a table propped up by a human shinbones, and a refrigerator full of human organs. Geeing was put into a mental hospital for 10 years, after which he stood trial. He was found guilty, but criminally insane. When asked about the reasoning behind his horrifying acts he responded, “l had a compulsion to do it” (De).

Well, I simply cannot accept Just a “compulsion “as the conclusion of what laid in the mind of the most disgusting psychopath I have ever heard of. Necrophilia, Cannibalism, Sadism, some of the foulest things ever conjured up by the human mind, explained by a “compulsion” needs some further explanation. Once again, I am confusing myself trying to figure this out when I believe there is a simple explanation. If I were to grow up in a household, where my mother refused to let me have anything to do with cookies until as SYS, my tensor Is Tanat when seen Totally passed away, I would Totally De addle to dive into the wonder and mystery of cookies.

It all relates back to the Adam and Eve story, we as humans have this unexplained desire to look into the “unknown. ” De Gin’s mother blocked any other female besides herself out of Deed’s life until he was 39 years old (A & E). After the door opened up for Geeing to discover everything he could about females, he took that opportunity to the extreme. So as Barbara Oakley said for humans who at the bottom of the social hole “psychopaths would form the subgroup that took out the shovel and kept digging” (Oakley 51). Psychopaths are viewed as ruthless and loathsome because that’s exactly what they are.

It doesn’t mean that they started out that way, but the situations that happened during their life made them who they are. The ability to choose right was there, the ability to choose bad Just came as a compulsion. Interestingly enough, the statement “the ability to choose right was there, the ability to choose bad Just came as a compulsion” applies to the final group of criminals as well, Just in a different and nobler circumstance. These criminals are those who society questions as to whether they re really “criminals” at all, and that is those who choose to break bad in the hope of some greater good to come out of it in the end.

In the classic story of Robin Hood, the hero steals from the rich and gives to the poor. As children sit watching Walt Disney’s version of this tale, they do not question as to whether the king has earned and deserves his money, or what the paupers will do with the money when they get it. All that is in their minds is a good guy and a bad guy. The good guy is supposed to make the bad guy go away or become good, and everyone is happy. If only the world irked in the way a child’s mind does, life would run much simpler and happier.

The truth is that when humans truly think about crime, one thing will ultimately bias our decision: the law. In Victor Hugs Less Miserable, the main character, Jean Vallejo, breaks the law by stealing a handful of bread so his sister and niece would not starve to death. The symbol of the law Caveat, has been raised to know nothing except the law to the letter, and shows no feeling of remorse. After serving 19 years in the gallows, Vallejo is set free, yet cannot find a place to stay because of the slip of paper e carries displaying him as a convict.

Just when he thinks he has nowhere to go, a kind bishop invites him to stay the night. Despite his kindness, Vallejo makes the decision to once again steal, only this time only for his own well-being. He steals silver from the bishop’s house and is caught on the street and brought back to the bishop’s house. The bishop tells the police that he gave them to Vallejo as a gift, thanks them for their duty and sends them on their way. Vallejo doesn’t understand his kindness, and the bishop tells Vallejo that now that he has seen compassion, he must live his life as a compassionate person.

Vallejo breaks his parole and goes on the run. Throughout this play, Vallejo is pursued by Caveat, who no matter how right the things Vallejo do seem to everyone; he has still broken the law, and therefore should be punished. Caveat disguises himself as a revolutionary student in the War raging in France, only to spy on the students and give information to the law they are fighting against. Eventually Caveat is revealed by a young boy, who had seen him before. Vallejo arrives at the barricade and volunteers to execute Caveat. When alone with Caveat, however, Vallejo instead secretly lets him go free saying “There’s nothing

I can blame you for, you’ve done your duty nothing more. ” Later in the story, Caveat Ana Vallejo meet again. Vallejo needs to take Nils wounded Eternal to get Nell Ana says Caveat can have him when he’s done. Caveat agrees. Caveat feels tormented, torn between his duty to his profession and the debt he owes Vallejo for saving his life. Ultimately, Caveat lets Vallejo go and throws himself into the river, where he drowns. I believe that this story explains the truth behind going above the law for the happiness of another better than any other story I have heard.

Society looks to stories eke this to remind us of what truly makes us human, the ability to love and have compassion. All Caveat knew was the law, like De Geeing, the circumstances he had been through made him the strict, single minded man that he was. Nevertheless, he did his duty and by the books it’s what was right. But when the time arrived that Caveat saw true love and compassion right before his eyes, by the man he had searched for his whole life letting him go free, his world was shattered. He had no choice but to escape from the world he lived in because he no longer had a grasp on what reality as.

Vallejo shows us that if the happiness and well being of another human being is at stake, then it is our duty above the law, as humans, to do what we feel is right. At the end of the day, cookies are still being taken from Jars. Scientists can look into every little thing that makes a person break bad, and pump them full of artificial drugs and try to make them stop. Maybe they will stop, but maybe they won’t. I try to think back to the way my mind worked when I was a kid. There were cops and robbers, super heroes and villains, cookies and dinner, wrong and right.

Whether you re Michael Vicki, De Geeing, or Jean Vallejo, everyone has the capacity for right and wrong. I believe it the unique human emotion of love and compassion that allows us when to decide if breaking bad is okay. It is selfishness, misunderstanding, and desire to control that creates a capacity for bad. People should teach each other what they believe about what is wrong and what is right, and whoever hears their message should be open to it and listen. In this way, the forcing a certain way of life onto someone else, whether by status, law, or family comes forth as the root of all evil.