Business focus, focus on all dimensions. Success business focus is depends on integrating in process, technology and organization. Example, Simi Derby company should focus on three basic dimension which is process, technology and organization to make business proposes clear and to ensure the successful BRB project. It. A methodology and project approach It requires discipline and structure.

The methodology need to be systematic and fact soused and need articulate how to secure funding, manage power struggles and sell the new ideas. Example, the top management need to explain the methodology and project approach clearly toward BRB program. Ill. Time BRB take time and executives must be able to stick with the program Example, BRB program need time to implement. Manager cannot for employees to implement BRB program Immediately. Its need a time and preparation such as send them to the training. Lb. Partnership participant BRB Is accomplished only as a result of efforts by people from all over the organization

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Participant needs flexible and trained teams. Example, BRB program will be successful and achieved goals when participants cooperated and they can discuss and generate new Ideas. V. Visible and active leadership This Is most Important part because It requires long-term commitment to BRB In terms of money, people and executive visibility. Example, X company want to Implement BRB In organization, so they need the leader that have strong commitment and leadership skill to monitor the program from the beginning until the end.