Life always has its goal and its destination. It keeps walking and facing new things all the time. Indeed, some may say life is learning. In many ways, we all are learning at every moment since we started to breath until our very last breath. When we were young we learned how to read and write, likewise when we grow up we learn how to love. Psychologists believe that learning is a process through observations and reinforcements. However, in reality people can Just learn from their own mistakes.

Similarly to Bright lights, Big City by Jay McClellan, one of the whole main points of he story is learning, with the anonymous second-person you’ ultimately perceives lessons through the narrator’s experiences. Moreover, the kind of learning in the novel also comes with the sense of self redemption. Not only that the pain can teach us lessons and pull us out from the darkness we are trapped but also can make us to reflect our true identity and to recognize what is temporary and what is permanent. Although by the end of the book the narrator’s life is still moving on, it’s the moving on that is at the right angle turn.

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By the moment he kneels down, it doesn’t mean that e surrenders or has to relearn everything all over again, but In fact, he has learned every Important aspects of life. Some he may not even needed. Certainly, he has learned how to live his life, learned how to fall and learned how to move on. Above all, he has learned how and what is to be himself and learned how to be independent from things and people around him. Though he doesn’t have to relearn anything, after he gets back on his feet it’s vital that he will choose not to follow the same path he was in. Mirror guilt was aggravated by a headache.

The sun was miming up and you felt that she was right. You were a bad boy. You wanted to amend your Life_ You wanted to make It up to Amanda for the Shiite life she had had as a kid. You told her you would marry her, and, after sulking De arguer, she accepted. ” (73) The narrator sacrifices himself, both his personality and his life to fulfill the girl’s life who he doesn’t even know whether she is real or not. After listening to Manta’s sorrowful story that her dad is missing and that she doesn’t have anyone, the narrator decides that he would want to make it up to her’.

Thus, he only knows her or a very short period of time and by listening to her talking about her life immediately sparks him wanting to brighten up her life. Over time, he starts to forget who he actually is and how he used to live his life. He becomes attached to her and addicted to things that will remind him of her, such as magazines. Over the months, though, you started eating at better restaurants. (75) He develops her habit without knowing it. Even after Amanda left him, the narrator still cannot accept the truth and always needs something that able him to feel her.

He is not being able to let go of the reflect life or what seems to look perfect. He tries to find anything that connects him to her which is the mannequin along the Fifth Avenue Road. It’s the only thing that enables him to stay close to her. However, the real tragic that really makes him to stick with Amanda and their fault marriage is his mother’s death. He cannot accept the feeling of ‘losing. Thus, everything in this world takes time to heal and to overcome. “Everything Decodes symbol Ana Irony when you nave Eden Deter After seeing his mum passing away, the narrator starts to become a person who seeks for love from others.

As he used to have his mother taking care and loving him, now everything has changed and will never be the same. The narrator fears of living alone and having no one to love nor loving him lead him to marry Amanda. Although it may be that he feels sorry for her and really wants to help her, he Just fears being someone who doesn’t have an identity and any importance. He is searching for protection to keep him in the comfort zone and to avoid the grief that is tormenting him. He used to live the life which he considered to be the perfect life with his mum, UT since she is gone the word perfect seems to vanish.

Therefore, he needs someone to fill in the gap without realizing that he cannot Just replace someone in that position. With the hope that Amanda, the innocent and hopeless girl will able to fulfill his harsh life, he decides to spend the rest of his life with her. Because of all the trust and love he has for her makes him didn’t even think that it is possible that she will leave him. When the time really comes, the world in front of him crashes down and leads him to live in a dark life. Thus, he never comes to realize that nothing is permanent. Down on the street, you clamp your sunglasses to your face and wonder where to go. An old question, it seems to come up more and more frequently. You’ve lost whatever bravura you possessed a few minutes ago. It’s Just beginning to sink in.. … “(107) The sunglasses play a major part in the story. Not only it is what the narrator always uses to evade the reality but also what makes him to move on with his life at the end of the story. With his sunglasses he is able to avoid the light that coming awards him and able to live in his darkness.

It is the way for him to isolate himself from the truth and to live in his imaginary world where he cannot perceive the sorrow. Eventually, he becomes addicted to sunglasses that without them, “the harsh, angling light will turn him to flesh and bone. Mortality will pierce him through the retina. ” (6) However, the sunglasses world he is in is Just temporary. Without his sunglasses he comes to grasp that he is no longer able to escape from the pain and to live under the darkness no more. The sunglass he wears is Just for him to hide room the self-discovery and to stay in the illusion.

Since the beginning of the story, the narrator has been greatly relied on drugs and night club to get away from realizing the mistakes he made in his life and his true identity. He constantly goes to nightclubs and desperately searches for drugs whenever he has faced situations that he cannot handle or understand. The nightclubs and drugs are one of the ways he uses to escape from the reality in order to gain comfort and security and so he can forget his wonderful past and can stay in his delusion. The narrator is trying to escape from the emotional world and living with only the physical things that pleasure him. ‘Could I have some? A roll or something? ” “Get out here. ” “I’ll trade you my sunglasses,” you say. You take off your shades and hand them up to him. “Ray-Bans. I lost the case. ” He tries them on, shakes his head a few times and teen takes teem or. He Tolls ten glasses Ana PU TTS teem In Nils sin Art pocket. ” By the end of the book, even though the narrator has been suffered from the loss of his wife, the death of his mother and the loss of his Job, he eventually starts to understand his life and decides to move on after meeting Amanda at the club.

He comes to realize that there is actually no reason why he has to be attached to Amanda and that their story has actually ended long time ago. It’s only him who thinks that it is still continuing and keeps avoiding the problems instead of facing them. At the point he has lost mostly everything except the shield he created around him. In a symbolic gesture, he is willing to trade his Ray-Bans sunglasses for Just a piece of fresh-baked bread to stay alive. Values and properties don’t make him feel DOD anymore, which represents that he is now ready to overcome his fear of facing reality.

And that he is now strong enough to leave his forlorn past behind and to confront what is in front of him, not a dream nor an illusion, but the world. The piece of bread reconnects him to his life again. He is thus reborn, his flight and his fight are now ended. Though the things he has faced widen his perspectives and brighten up his life, he still needs to regain his former instincts and identity. Which is worse: living an illusion, or losing it? Nothing is worse but only that it is temporary!